2022 Election Resources

2022 Election Resources

Health Freedom Idaho is a volunteer organization that was formed by concerned citizens in response to a bevy of policy and philosophy shifts happening in our nation, and in particular, the great state of Idaho. Safeguarding parental authority and individual health freedom is the key founding principle of Health Freedom Idaho. Voting for representatives in our city, county, and state positions of leadership who value liberty is the foundation way of preserving our freedom.

General Voting Information

Where to go to vote?

What’s going to be on your ballot?

I need to register to vote.


  • HFI does not endorse any candidate.
  • HFI WILL post about candidates when they do, say, or write something that pertains to health freedom or parental rights. We invite you to do the same.
  • HFI will share events with you, such as town hall meetings, that may provide insight regarding the candidates.
  • HFI wants to help educate voters as you head to the voting booth. We want you to have the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.


Our current governor promised us in early 2020 that we would not return to normal without a vaccine. He held tight to his sole ’emergency power,’ avoiding input from the full legislative body of representatives. His words of promise to protect individuals from vaccine mandates were outweighed by his actions—the lack of protection for thousands of our healthcare and other individuals whose employers forced mandates for employment. The recent court case in New York that was won by city employees who were terminated due to vaccine status calls into question the constitutionality of vaccine mandates. In this interview, Miste and Sarah discuss health freedom with independent candidate Ammon Bundy.

The conversation continues…

What’s Happening North Idaho #10: Conversation with Ammon Bundy
Listen to this episode from Whats happening Idaho on Spotify. Gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy took time to call in a while on the road traveling to answer some of the burning questions that have been discussed by our listeners on various social media. From defunding the police, BLM, jab mandates, and freedom. Erin and Matt throw as much as they can at Ammon, who doesn’t shy at all from answering the tough questions. https://open.spotify.com/episode/0iqMc76BwPXfMur8vwvm7p

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