Stop the Mandate Protest Draws 1000 plus

Stop the Mandate Protest Draws 1000 plus

STOP THE MANDATE Protest hosted by Health Freedom Idaho drew a crowd of thousand or more who lined the busy boulevard in front of the St Lukes Medical Plaza in Meridian. Nurses, staff, their friends and family, and all supporters of health freedom waved, whistled, clapped, and cheered as drivers honked in support.

This mandate will place all employees who haven’t been vaccinated with the experimental COVID 19 shot by September 1st on unpaid leave. This keeps the employees, staff, and vendors unable to pay their bills and unable to collect unemployment. Coercion is not consent.

The FDA says that vaccines can not be mandated while under the EUA status. Idaho hospital administration has been informed and the legislative leadership has taken a stand that they will not protect the citizens’ right to bodily autonomy. Patients are concerned with a drop in staff that this coercion will cause when a portion of the staff remains on unpaid leave.

We are concerned that if the administration doesn’t honor the bodily autonomy of the staff they will not honor the bodily autonomy and informed consent patients.

I stopped for you to cross the street in front of me. I saw your blue shirts and your posters I clapped and gave you a thumbs up in admiration then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was moved to tears that I couldn’t stop. You were fighting for me ! You were fighting for my right to choose you were fighting for my lively hood. Words could never express how thankful I am for you all today ! I waited in that loooong line leaving work just so I could honk and see your faces ! The faces of the TRUE HEROS !!! Thank you for standing for us all today ! #stillahero #freedom

from a healthcare worker in Meridian Idaho

Healthcare workers are patients too!

NEXT PROTEST: THIS Friday the 23rd for a peaceful protest at Saint Alphonsus in Boise from 4-6 PM.

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