Idaho CPS Administrative Rules Are UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Idaho CPS Administrative Rules Are UNCONSTITUTIONAL

CPS Administrative rules are up for public comment in Idaho the last week of August. There are specific rules that outright VIOLATE a parent’s constitutionally protected rights. Statistics reveal that

Does this rule concern you? SPEAK UP NOW! 

All rules, including these unconstitutional rules from CPS are up for public comment at the end of August! Anyone may submit written comments regarding the proposed rule making. Those comments should be submitted in writing. We have made it easy simply COPY/Paste EMAILS Addresses and compose your email. Be sure to make plans to attend the public hearings, read your comments and support others who are doing the same. 

These two rules Rule 16.06.01(559)(01) and (02) are patently unconstitutional and should be removed from the administrative rules!


  1. Department of Health [email protected]  The executive department that makes the rules and is required to receive public input
  2. Your legislators  It’s so important to include your Representatives and Senator in this email as they are your voice at the Capitol and need to know your concerns in these matters. If you are uncertain of which district you reside you can find their email addresses of your personal legislators <find them here> 
  3. House and Senate Health Committees  who will ultimately vote to approve or reject all or parts of the rules in question

Don’t know the difference between rule and law? Learn more here: KEEPING THE RULE MAKERS ACCOUNTABLE

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