Day 2 “Health Freedom” Legislative Session

Day 2 “Health Freedom” Legislative Session



1. Email [email protected]

This is the Vice Chair of the Health and Welfare Committee. There have been several health freedom protecting bills that need to be heard in this committee. It is UP TO THE CHAIRMEN to decide if these important bills will be heard. Tell the Vice Chair to Reconvene the Health and Welfare Committee to Hear these important bills!

Email #2 Tell All the SENATORS
here’s a link to all the Senators email addresses

YES on H 429 Mask Exemptions for School Children

YES on H 419 No Disclosure about Vaccination Status

NO on H 412 Exemptions

Email #3 Email Committee and Pro Tem to get H 429 in Committee to be voted upon. [email protected], [email protected]


H 429 Exemptions for Masking of School Children

Those in red want your children to be masked without exemptions!! They want your children in a plexiglass cage and kicked out of school programs.

Is that YOUR legislator? Is s/he representing YOUR family? What say you at voting time IDAHO⁉️

Red Voted to Keep Your Children Masked WITHOUT Exemptions

Rep Ron Ronald M Nate’s H429 Allowing Parents to OPT their children out of mask mandate

Statement of Purpose: 

“To protect the rights of children to attend public schools, to provide an exemption from mandates for mask-wearing, Plexiglas enclosures, or other medical interventions for medical, religious, or personal reasons, which cannot be denied. No person will create limitations on participation or activity in any school programs on the basis of such exemption.” 

Email the Senate and ask them to vote YES on H429 to protect Idaho’s children.

H 419 Amends Existing Law to Prohibit Employers from Requiring Proof of the Vaccine

The house passed H419 which amends existing law to prohibit employers from requiring proof of the jab.

Headed to the senate! The names in RED …They want employers empowered to require you to take a medical procedure against your will and violate your right to privacy If you don’t own your body what does that make you

If you have privacy what does that make you

You got it…a slave

Email the Senate and ask them to vote YES on H419 to protect Idaho’s workers. #5MinActivism

Tell the Senate NO on H 412 – 3(b)excludes protection from discrimination for our healthcare workers

Tell the Senate NO on H415 Exemptions

When an exemption is given – how easy it is to take it away!!

Ok, who here is from CA and experienced the removal of vax exemptions for your children and o attend school?
How many of you moved here to flee the state that you lived in but had turned against you when it came to your parental rights and health freedom?

I remember watching your legislative session where your philosophical exemption was removed. I watched hours of testimony and cried with you. I watched you plead for your rights and saw your words fall on the deaf ears of a cold legislature. I saw how the shenanigans of changing up the committee after testimonies but before the vote changed the possible outcome of the vote. I learned that day that what the government giveth the government can take away. This was when I knew that my own children were in danger of losing the liberty I had enjoyed.

My California friends have now lost religious exemptions for their children and doctors won’t give medical exemptions for fear of losing their licenses.

If ID passes H415 ID workers will be headed for the same fate as the children of CA.

Out of fear and desperation, we can not settle for this crumb bill (trading our rights for privileges) that the government will eventually take away.

Email the Senate and tell them to VOTE NO on H421. Our legislators want to pass protection for you but this is not it.
Idahoans deserve better!!


This is a quick copy and paste email list for our current legislators. This is for 2021. Copy each group and paste it into your 3 separate and identical emails. This allows you to send that entire Senate without getting your email bounced for spam.

  1. Compose your email.
  2. Make to more copies
  3. Copy the email groups into each email
  4. Send to your Idaho Senators
  5. **Call you Senator and leave a message and let them know you are a constitutent that this is how you want to be represented


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Those from California won’t forget!

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