Health Freedom Legislative Voting Record 2017/2018

Health Freedom Legislative Voting Record 2017/2018

Health Freedom Idaho tracked several bills over the past two years with a direct impact on parental rights, health freedom and informed consent. Idaho remains number #1 for health freedom. We are thankful that our Legislators were open to listening to our concerns and many voted in favor of liberty. Due to the complexity of this legislation, the decision to vote for or against any bill will require more explanation that can be provided in this simple spreadsheet. We recommend you contact your legislator and ask WHY s/he voted the way they did on these bills. Taking time to communication with your legislator is the best way to preserve your liberty and allow that individual to better represent your family. 

Health Freedom Idaho Members Impacted the Following Legislation:

2017 WINS 

(Failed) SB 1182 Re-defining child neglect to include parents who don’t follow conventional medical protocols “Faith-Healing Exemption” 

(Passed) HB 195 returns health care options to allow Chiropractors to administer IVs. 

(Failed) HB 91 tracking of vaccine status of ADULTS 

2018 WINS

(Passed) H494 require providers inform parents that their child’s vaccination records will be entered into the tri-state database system. Most parents are not aware that the IRIS database exists and that they have the option to have their children’s confidential medical information expunged from the system by contacting the Health and Welfare Department after EACH doctor’s visit or school/daycare enrollment. 

(Failed) H577 CBD regulation requires a doctors note in order to purchase any products with CBD containing less than .3% THC.  Since .3% or less THC is naturally occurring in hemp products this could limit ability to purchase for Idaho citizens.These interchangeable terms, “THC free”, “Contains trace amounts of THC”, “non detectable” or “negligible levels” all means that the product contains .3% or less THC. THC is difficult to measure after a product is made as it is measured in dry weight before hand. Read all the related CBD oil research articles by HFI. *HFI stood alone against this legislation and its unintended consequences of reducing liberty. Many legislators voted in favor of this bill with the misinformed understanding that it would expand health freedom. 

2018 Loss

(Passed) H393 The State formed a commission to comply with the ACA’s vaccination requirements it was due to expire. The Immunization Assessment Board  whose express purpose is the promotion of a corporation’s product, and also form an insurance assessment board for forcing insurance companies to purchase large lots of the corporation’s products to target a specific age group of Idaho’s citizens. It was due to expire, but was extended with the passage of this legislation. Vaccinations are available through a federal program, funds spent by this commission are wasted on vaccines purchased, unused and expired. Its an unfortunate waste of tax payer money. 

Who is your legislator?



What about previous years? 

We have voting records for those in office during the 2015/2016 Sessions

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