“Hotspot Vaccine Exemptions” is Fear-Mongering Over 271 Children

“Hotspot Vaccine Exemptions” is Fear-Mongering Over 271 Children

Vaccine exemptions for school is in the news again. This time KPVI from Pocatello and KTVB citing a propaganda “study” that shows that 8 counties in Idaho has HOT SPOTS for “disease outbreaks”. The news article states “A recent study published in the Public Library of Science says Idaho has eight out of the 10 counties with the highest exemption rates in the country. It continues by showing the severity of the exemption rates using statistics such as “22% of Bonner county children” have non-medical vaccine exemptions. 

PAUSE THE PANIC FOR A MOMENT! The real numbers show that is 54 children of the county population of 54,500, didn’t receive both the CDC recommended shots of the MMR vaccine prior to kindergarten. 

The media is intentionally manipulating with fear-mongering over 271 kindergartners in schools that serve 32,000 students, in counties with a total population of more than 250,000 people.  Boise Doctors express ‘fear’ over exemptions representing 0.2% of the states 1.7 million people. 

A Listen to what this Meridian Doctor and Board Member of the Idaho Immunization Coalition Lisa Barker had to say, 

“I think we are going to have to see some sort of more significant outbreak to improve those laws,” says Dr. Lisa Barker of Boise. KPVI says, She thinks this sort of outbreak could happen at any time.”That’s the scary thing. I’m just waiting for it to happen because we have big enough pockets that if the right person walks in, it’ll be a big rapid spread.”

Wow! “Big enough pockets!”  Take a look at the chart below showing the percentages of children with non-medical exemptions compared to the total populations of the county. A doctor should know better than anyone that these healthy children pose no health threat!

“KTVB says: Idaho had some of the highest rates. In some small, rural counties nearly 20 percent of kindergartners didn’t get their shots.” That really equates to TWO kindergartners in the least populated county in Idaho.

The Forgetten Factor in Herd Immunity? 

The media is just gobbling up this “study” and spitting it out in hopes to generate fear and persuade the public to reduce health freedoms and parental rights in the area of vaccine choice. This study they cite was authored by a vaccine industry insider (Dr. Peter Hotez) who is a patent holder of vaccines. It fails a really simple test: it never contemplates the vaccination status of any ADULTS in these hot spots, despite the fact that they represent 76% of the population, are known by the CDC and the Idaho Health Department to have low vaccination rates, and the fact that vaccines wane over time, in other words they have no immunity from their childhood vaccines. Why is the media so credulous to these industry-sponsored scare pieces? 

Fear mongering a set up for vaccine mandates?

First create the problem, then present the solution. That is how marketing works right?

First, they used the tracking of your child’s vaccine record to ‘create’ a threat. Their solution has already been declared – reduce vaccine exemptions and create vaccine mandates. Those who profit from their liability-free vaccines want mandates just as they have in California. Imagine the $$ signs dancing in front of their eyes – their product forced on every school child without any loss from damages or injury.  In 2014 the global vaccine market was worth over 32 billion dollars and was expected to reach over 59 billion by the year 2020.(Those damages are paid from the taxes added to each vaccine.)  

Were you aware that drug companies donated millions to California lawmakers before vaccine debate and the Disneyland Outbreak of 2015? 

Did you know that the vaccination status of California before mandated school vaccines was 97.46%?

They are testing the waters to see the response. Now is the time to educate those around you. 

What can you do?

  • You see an article citing this study then SHARE TRUTH! Post a comment and let us know so we can like and share it!
  • Write an editorial here are several research resources to cite – it will save you some time and spread some truth.

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