Is the Hotspot Vaccine Exemptions Campaign A Fear Mongering Set Up For Vaccine Mandates?

Is the Hotspot Vaccine Exemptions Campaign A Fear Mongering Set Up For Vaccine Mandates?

Do you believe that parents should make the health decisions for their own children? If so, you aren’t alone. The numbers of parents opting out of some or all vaccines appear to be increasing based on the nationwide tracking of our children’s vaccine status as they enter kindergarten. That’s right, your child’s vaccination status is being tracked. 

In Idaho, your family is AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED into the tri-state tracking system by health care providers, child care providers, and school officials. While you can ask for your information to be removed from the Health and Welfare tracking system, it can and will, register it back in at any time by authorized users (doctor, schools, daycare). In other words, if you don’t submit your request to the schools, doctors, daycare providers that you wish to have your private medical information REMAIN PRIVATE and never entered into the system, they will assume that you want to be tracked.

Your children’s medical information is likely in the database RIGHT NOW. You must request that your child’s medical information removed from the IRIS database.


However, once your information is shared within the government tracking database, authorized 3rd parties can take the information and use it as they wish. (Notice the newest marketing material labeling Idaho’s vaccine exemptions as a hot spot. Or the Idaho vaccination rate map available online.) While you can opt out of IRIS and purge your child’s information from their IRIS system, you are unable to purge it from the third party systems once it has been accessed.

Tracking your child’s vaccine status harmless? Think again.

Tracking childhood vaccinations has nothing to do with local health, it’s all about marketing. They are using your child’s private medical information to drive their sales and increase their profit. When you allow your child’s vaccination exemption status to be tracked you are participating in the marketing campaign designed to target your family as ‘public health enemy’ number one.

If you choose to opt out of even one vaccine, your family is presented as a public enemy.  Look at these headlines! These are obvious marketing campaigns intended to sway public opinion.  Their marketing ploy is to create division in the public against those who don’t comply with the 78 CDC recommended vaccinations.

Of course, the obvious question for the fear mongers is: If vaccines are effective, why are they worried about other people’s vaccination status?

Why are parents opting out?

With the rise in the number of kindergartners who enter school without ALL their shots, the marketing piece serves as a “wake-up call” to the parents blindly following doctor’s orders and the CDC recommendations. Really this question should be why are so many families opting out if vaccines are really ‘safe and effective’? 

Parents have been empowered with information and truth. Reading vaccine inserts, reviewing ingredient lists and looking at scientific journals that accessible to the public. They are realizing that there are a lack of scientific studies for safety and effectiveness of vaccines. They are waking up to the truth that vaccines permanently damage, injure and cause death to children and adults. Families who suffered intense loss have NOTHING to gain by sharing their stories except the hope that their loss will prevent further destruction of the health and lives of other children.

Vaccine Injury: If the numbers from VAERS and HHS are correct – only 1% of vaccine injuries are reported and only 1/3 of the petitions are compensated – then, upwards of 99% of vaccine injuries go unreported…

Media wants your child to be labeled the source of all “outbreaks”.  It begs the question, “What about under-vaccinated adults?”

The new “hot spots” study was authored by a vaccine industry insider (Dr. Peter Hotez) who is a patent holder of vaccines, and fails a really simple test: it never contemplates the vaccination status of any ADULTS in these hot spots, despite the fact that they represent 76% of the population, are known by the CDC to have low vaccination rates, and the fact that vaccines wane over time. Why is the media so credulous to these industry-sponsored scare pieces? Read More

Fear mongering a set up for vaccine mandates?

First create the problem, then present the solution. That is how marketing works right?

First, they used the tracking of your child’s vaccine record to ‘create’ a threat. Their solution has already been declared – reduce vaccine exemptions and create vaccine mandates. Those who profit from their liability-free vaccines want mandates just as they have in California. Imagine the $$ signs dancing in front of their eyes – their product forced on every school child without any loss from damages or injury.  In 2014 the global vaccine market was worth over 32 billion dollars and was expected to reach over 59 billion by the year 2020.(Those damages are paid from the taxes added to each vaccine.)  

Were you aware that drug companies donated millions to California lawmakers before vaccine debate and the Disneyland Outbreak of 2015? 

Did you know that the vaccination status of California before mandated school vaccines was 97.46%?

They are using FEAR to take away our FREEDOM

What can be done?

Step 1: Get your child’s information PURGED from their tracking system. Be vigilant to keep it out of their hands for marketing purpose.

Step 2: Be aware that those 15 areas labeled as “hotspots” will also be targeted for vaccine mandates. Watch AND PARTICIPATE your local elections. Check on the elected officials funding! Expose those who are being influenced by pharmaceutical companies. Those individuals who actively and openly support health freedom – those are the people who need your support. It doesn’t matter if they are in your district or not! Theirs is another vote for freedom should bills be drafted restricting vaccine exemptions.

What else do you think can be done to preserve health freedom and the right of parents to opt-out of toxic laden vaccinations?

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