Learn 7 Simple Ways to Get More from Herbs

Learn 7 Simple Ways to Get More from Herbs

If you are new to herbs and want a very basic and yet through confidence building understanding of herbal remedies, I highly recommend learningherbs.com. Founder John Gallagher is a teacher at heart, and shares plethora of free resources to help the young (and young at heart) learn the nature of remedies. For those who want to use herbal remedies, it can be confusing as to exactly how to incorporate them into our lives. It’s really not as simple as “take this herb for that ailment.” 

Herbalism is an art and science that enhances not just your health, but way of life.

John shares a podcast from several years ago that is still an excellent resource.  An engaging podcast of the 7 ways to easily incorporate herbs and remedies into our lives. Herbalist and author Susun Weed specializes in keeping it simple for folks. 

Susun Weed

Which herbs should you take every day? What sort of herbal preparations should you avoid? What foods are antioxidants and will help prevent chronic illnesses? Which herbal remedies are simple to make in ANY kitchen? Already make herbal remedies like tinctures and infusions? Susun will share BRAND new ways to get more out of these tried and true remedies. This class is for all experience levels.

Susun Weed has been practicing and teaching herbalism for over 40 years, and has written several books. Susun founded the Wise Woman Center in Woodstock, NY. She speaks at conferences worldwide and often appears on television and radio shows.

You can visit Susun at www.susunweed.com
Learn More at https://learningherbs.com/podcasts/susun-weed/
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