Pro Life Objections to COVID Shots

Pro Life Objections to COVID Shots

As a pro-life Christian, I believe that human beings are created by God in His image. Therefore every person, from conception to natural death, possesses inherent dignity and immeasurable worth – including preborn children.

As a Christian, then, I am called to defend, protect, and value all human life. 

In the area of vaccines, some Christians and ministries have unknowingly taken positions in contradiction to their own core value of the sanctity of human life, and have based those positions on intentionally deceptive and incorrect information promoted by the industry itself.

 These vaccine developers didn’t just passively sort through discarded baby parts. They were actively involved in aborting the babies in such a way as to maximize access to “fresh” tissue in order to develop their products.  

An aborted baby boy was also used as spare parts in the production of vaccines. His designation is MRC-5 – let’s call him Michael. Michael’s 27- year old mother was ‘given an abortion’ for psychological reasons…  

Did that mother suffering from mental health issues have a choice?  Certainly – The babies didn’t. 

Their bodies were sacrificed at the altar of science and justified by our CHURCHES and Christian Organizations under the guise of ”good for mankind.” 

During the rubella outbreak in Philadelphia in 1964 doctors convinced pregnant women that they had been exposed to rubella – the 3-day measles and that their baby would be born horribly deformed if they continued with their pregnancy. 

Mothers were exploited and Manipulated by FEAR,

And they allowed the murder of their child. 

NOT 2 NOR 5,  NOT 10 or 20 

But 26 mothers aborted their babies at the direction of their doctors.  

Their aborted babies’ bodies were immediately sent to the science labs of Dr. Stanley Plotkin. 

When researchers dissected the aborted fetuses it was then determined that these precious human beings were HEALTHY -uninfected..sacrificed in vain…Unusable for their medical research and product development. 

The 27th baby was infected. RA273. Rubella-abortus-27th – 3rd tissue sample that contained the live rubella virus.

And although he had successfully isolated the virus that would eventually be used in the rubella vaccine on the market today, it didn’t stop there. In subsequent research papers, Dr. Plotkin noted another 40 aborted babies were dissected to obtain further virus samples.

This means there were at least 67 babies electively aborted just to obtain the virus for the rubella vaccine. 

But they STILL had to culture the virus – on the bodies of even MORE aborted babies.  

The bodies of 32 ‘elective abortions’ produced the final WI-38 cell line. Are you counting? We are up to 99 aborted babies.

**As a mother – the lives of the previous two were enough to stop vaccinating.  Do the 99 sacrificial lives give you pause? 

I don’t vaccinate because of my firmly held moral objection to abortion tainted vaccines. I don’t vaccinate because of my religious beliefs.

And now mandates are here. We have to choose between feeding our families or taking a product developed with child sacrifice. We can clearly see that the school mandates are coming for our children.

The time to stand up, speak the truth, it’s NOW!

Will it be hard?


Christians, we weren’t promised an easy life!

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