Private business rights vs individual sovereignty. Who wins?

Private business rights vs individual sovereignty. Who wins?

Many state elected officials and candidates are weighing in on whether it’s the government’s role to protect the business owner’s right to refuse service or protect the individual’s right to medical privacy and bodily autonomy. 
Many patriots have made the accurate point that government does not have the right to interfere with private businesses and we agree.

So, let’s define private business.

Are you a private business owner if you have partnered with the state or federal government through licensure or are overseen by a board of directors created by state law?  Are you a private business if you have received loans or grants from the state or federal governments?  We agree that a truly private business has the right to decide who to do business with but we will be hard-pressed to find these businesses today. Unfortunately, we have businesses that are partnering with or have placed themselves under the jurisdiction of government entities and agencies. We have business owners giving over their sovereignty in trade for government oversight and funds. Given the fact that many businesses have government strings attached, we have to ask if the government can force trade without discrimination. 

Who created government?  Who created private businesses?  
The sovereign individual did.

Individual rights come first and the ultimate purpose of government is to protect individual rights first and foremost. Yes, that includes stopping the violation of those rights from ANY party.

Representative Chad Christiansen

What the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI) fails to recognize in their official statement (see below) is that, as the creator of both government and private business, it is the individual whose rights must be protected above all others. This is a key point missed by IACI’s President, Alex LaBeau, in his statement regarding next week’s legislative session. 

If passed during Idaho’s 2020 legislative session Health Freedom Idaho’s bill H140, carried by Rep Priscilla Giddings, would have stopped our tax money from being used to coerce vaccination of employees by employers. It is due to Sen Patrick putting the people’s bill in the drawer and not allowing his committee to hear or vote on it that we find many Idaho workers facing the difficult decision of deciding between subjecting themselves to be a medical experiment or providing food and shelter for their families. Our tax money should never be used to expose private medical information nor coerce medical treatments or experiments upon a sovereign individual (the creator of said government). 

With representatives coming back into session on Nov 15, 2021, we must be prepared to defend Idahoan’s sovereignty from an overreaching federal government. Governor Little, former chairman of IACI and board member for 20 years, announced that he will sue the Biden administration.

This is not enough!

For all, we know this is a smoke and mirrors tactic to give the illusion of “pro-freedom” for the upcoming elections for which he hasn’t announced yet but has raised more money than the official candidates.

We need the people’s representatives, our legislators, to take protective action now for bodily autonomy. We encourage you not to settle for the crumbs that will be presented as freedom bills during this upcoming session. We have a NO COMPROMISE position on the individual owning their own bodies and as creators of government, we demand it be respected. If you give an inch on this most fundamental principle you will find that you have lost everything because if you don’t own your body then you are a slave. 

In conclusion, if the private business agrees to government interference through money and licensure then the private business MUST agree to respect the person as sovereign. 

P.S. Health Freedom Idaho will prepare you for testimony and emails with information and calls to action (CTA). We have information regarding HIPAA and the much-talked-about Supreme Court decision on the Jacobson case coming out soon.  We are not friends with the likes of Zuckerberg or Dorsey so they work hard to make sure you don’t see our info on social media.

IACI has supported the lockdown of our society from the beginning of this race for federal dollars. They are more than willing to take the handouts, to see private small businesses out of business. We don’t need these so-called Legislative advisors, (lobbyists) telling Idahoans how to live.

Senator Christy Zito


This letter from the most powerful lobby organization in the state will guide many of the decisions made during the upcoming legislative session. They contribute and spend hundreds of thousands on campaigns in this state. Government bureaucratic agencies, who are the arm of the governor’s office shut down small businesses, continue to tell them how to operate. You must beg permission through continual licensing to run your business, meeting all of the rules bureaucratic agencies make, thousands and thousands of pages.

Our churches were shut down per the Governor of this state. No small business, was immune from the heavy hand of interference by the executive branch, who is managed by this lobbying group. You have no freedom to conduct business, and as an autonomous human being, you have no freedom to choose what is shot into your body, because of the direct threat of losing your ability to pursue your happiness and FEED YOUR FAMILY.

Concerning the 1,800 pages out of tens of thousands of pages of regulations, can anyone please share how their life changed after the removal of a few words here and there and some sentences? HOW HAS YOUR LIFE CHANGED FOR THE BETTER?

SHAME on IACI for working to shame those who are willing to stand for the people. IACI had no problem lurking in the halls of the capital to hatch immunity for their businesses interests, during the 2020 special session.

via Senator Christy Zito via Facebook Post November 10, 2021

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