Truth About Vaccines Radio Interview @KIDO 580

Truth About Vaccines Radio Interview @KIDO 580

Informed consent means that the patient has complete information on the risks verses benefits of any treatment. Vaccines are given to a healthy person with the intent to protect them from illness. They are not required to undergo the same rigorous study protocols as medication as they are labeled ‘blood biologic’. Dr Rosie Main, of Main Health Solutions and Ashley Everly, toxicologist share information to help educate the public on vaccines. Sadly much of this information is NOT shared by doctors, nurses or pharmacists prior to administration of ‘immunizations’. You alone are responsible for your family’s health. You will carry the burden should an adverse reaction happen, neither doctors nor the vaccines makers are financially or physically responsible.

Looking for indepth study resources on vaccines? Ashley has created the an online and printable resources. 

Thank you KIDO 580AM for allowing us to go speak on our Health Freedoms in Idaho and on the importance of knowing what is in Vaccines to our public. We want our community to make an informed choice. Join Us at our next Lasting Immunity talk to learn how to Maximize your Immunity from the Inside Out! Register 

Published on Aug 29, 2018

Interview on Vaccines and Health Freedoms in Idaho on KIDO 580AM

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