Weed killer found contaminating most popular US foods

Weed killer found contaminating most popular US foods



The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ is so true.
The chemicals that are put on our food are ‘considered safe’ because they are so minute. However, they are cumulative and since most are not properly tested prior to release, we are seeing an unbelievable rise ailments. These chemicals have had time to build up also instead of dissipate like we were told they would once they were applied.
For the last 20 years, these chemicals have had the chance to deplete our soils from so many nutrients. Our food is void of what we thought we were eating.

Glyphosate is the world’s most widely used herbicide in agriculture and gardening. Several global scientific agencies have found the chemical is unlikely to cause cancer in people exposed to it through food. 

Food Democracy Now!, a non-governmental organization, enlisted Anresco Laboratories to carry out the study. The food safety testing lab is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Glyphosate food testing results, in parts per billion (ppb).

Glyphosate food testing results, in parts per billion (ppb).


Researchers found original Cheerios had the highest level of glyphosate compared to other foods tested, at about 1,123.5 parts per billion — or 1.125 milligrams of glyphosate per 1 kilogram of cereal. 

On their own, those numbers seem meaningless. Who will realistically eat that much cereal in 24 hours, and do so day after day?

However, since most people regularly eat a range of cereals and snack foods, their total exposure to glyphosate may be higher than results for a single item suggest. And the less you weigh, the more glyphosate you consume relative to your body weight, so toddlers munching on Cheerios have much higher exposure. 

Monsanto’s glyphosate propaganda – a line which is parroted by the Monsanto-influenced FDA – holds that the substance poses no threat to humans and affects only plants.
From Natural Health 365:
“Scientists for Monsanto – the most hated corporation in the world – insist that glyphosate is safe because it targets a metabolic system called the shikamate pathway – which humans and animals lack. Yet the trillions of beneficial bacteria in the human digestive tract do have this pathway – and disrupting it can have catastrophic consequences.
“In truth: Glyphosate harms critical beneficial bacteria, causing an overgrowth of pathogens, which in turn produce toxic phenols that cause inflammation … .”

Glyphosate: a ‘wrecking ball’ to the human body

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, an MIT senior research scientist and environmental toxins expert, is known for having documented the link between glyphosate and autism. She also believes that glyphosate is responsible for many other chronic diseases whose rates have soared in recent years, since the introduction of glyphosate. Dr. Seneff labels glyphosate as “the most significant chemical used today,” and one that has the effect of a “wrecking ball” on the human body.
From Pompa:
“Glyphosate is what Dr. Seneff calls a ‘monster molecule,’ and affects human biology in many ways. …
“Dr. Seneff believes that glyphosate exposure is catapulting gluten sensitivity into epidemic proportions.”
Aside from its effects on the gut, glyphosate has been linked to liver, kidney, pancreatic, thyroid and colon cancer – as well as ADHD, Alzheimer’s, birth defects, brain cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and more.
Meanwhile, the EPA – another agency bribed into doing Monsanto’s bidding – continues to quietly raise the acceptable levels of glyphosate in our food supply. Fifty times the amount of glyphosate is now allowed on corn than was permitted in 1996, for example, and the total allowed amount has increased by a factor of 17.

It’s time to get Monsanto’s Roundup off your plate, ban glyphosate and label GMOs! We need your help today. Every voice counts! The report can be viewed here.

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