When the CDC calls

When the CDC calls

HFI executive director’s son received a ‘random’ call from the CDC regarding his vaccine status. When the caller realized that she was speaking with a child, instead of hanging up, she tried to solicit more information from him, asking if he was in a safe environment to disclose his vaccine status. He immediately hung up and told his mom. 

What have you instructed your child to do if they receive a phone call that starts with…

Hello, my name is __________. I’m calling on behalf of the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We’re conducting a survey with cell phone users regarding childhood immunizations. Your cell phone number has been selected at random. This call will be recorded or monitored.

CDC does National Surveys and their information page was updated July 11, 2017.

According to their information page, this survey is suppose to be conducted with a parent or guardian..however the teen survey script does not appear to specifically ask if the person who answers the phone is 18 or older or a parent/guardian..A household telephone survey[86 pages].

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