Autism Meltdown. What should WE do?

Autism Meltdown. What should WE do?

I saw an autistic meltdown in the middle of the grocery store today. Yes, it was autism, flapping arms, squaking nosies, ears covered and the mostly grown boy squatting on the cold floor rocking back and forth. Most pretended as if it wasn’t happening. I locked eyes with the mother briefly, and felt a very lost and exhausted sense. My heart broke for her. She attempted to quiet him and leave the store as quickly as possible.

Simple things, that we all take for granted. Grocery shopping in a store with bright lights that might trigger a child’s sensitivity. Or loud noises, that might send a child into a downward spiral. Or to many people surrounding, that might cause him to become sensory overloaded. I imagine this mother now knows the “not so busy” times to visit the grocery store, with her autistic son, to keep the over stimulation as minimal as possible.

This life.
This life that now has become one hundred times harder than most can ever even fathom.

Do you still think autism is a gift?

Autism Moms I would like to know – what can we do to help you in a store – when this situation arises? 

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