Idaho’s Legislative Sessions run from approximately January – April. As an active citizen in maintaining our government, there will be many times during the session that bills will come across that will need your attention. Our CALLS TO ACTION requests that your email and call the Legislators to let them know your stance on a bill.

You have 2 Representatives and 1 Senator. If you know your district, you can find their complete contact information at the Idaho Legislature Website here. If you don’t know your district you can look that up by address here.

Here are the EMAIL CONTACTS for the Legislative Session in 2021. Keep these email links handy! They will use a LOT this session!



2023 Health And Welfare Committees


Do you know who is representing your family? Check out their campaign websites to see where they stand on issues that concern you. For much of the year the Legislators will be in their hometown (unless campaigning) until the beginning of the Legislative session in January. They will have more time to meet with you before the session starts. Then many stay in Boise during our 4-month Legislative session and are very busy at that time.

During the legislative session, HFI will send Action Alerts requesting you contact your representative on proposed legislation. This will often involve a quick phone call or simple email. This shouldn’t be the only time you are in contact with your legislator.

Taking time to develop a relationship with your elected official off-season will allow you to develop an open line of communication based on mutual respect.


Personal letters that state your views on how the proposed legislation will affect your profession, family, or community are the individual’s basic communications tools. Timing of such communication is vital.  The Legislative session begins in January for four months.  Click here for more hints on effective written communications.


When speed is desirable because of imminent action on a piece of legislation, emails may be sent to a legislator. Tips to emailing the Idaho Legislator. We include copy-paste lists for ease of use.

Telephone Calls

Several hints for phone contact with your legislator can be found in the “How To Phone” your legislator document.  In addition, here are a few quick notes to keep in mind. This form of communication is particularly effective when the person making the call worked in the campaign of the legislator or has established a personal relationship with the legislator.  Direct contact with the legislator is not always possible, but messages can be left with aides or secretaries.  It would not be appropriate to use this communication method exclusively.

Check out our ACTIVISM 101 Class click the picture to learn more!

Communicating with Legislators

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