Beware of Flu Medications

Beware of Flu Medications

Beware this and other flu and viral medications. Read all package inserts carefully, search for the latest science, and always consult your most trusted health provider. Besides presenting health risks, the products–if they work–generally only shorten some symptoms by about a day.

The FDA speedily approved Xofluza, the highly touted follow-up to Roche’s blockbuster flu med Tamiflu, last fall for use in patients over 12, and the company has pursued an aggressive marketing and development plan for the product. It continues to study the drug in children under 12 and has already nabbed that designation in other countries, including Japan. Early test results show the potential of drug-resistance mutations in the flu virus after taking the medication. This could become problematic in hospitals and nursing homes, as well as in large families with people living in close proximity.

Potential Dangers of Tamiflu

Although the medication is marketed as safe and effective, concerns have emerged about the potential side effects of Tamiflu, which have been linked to reports of:

  • Behavioral Changes.
  • Suicide Ideation.
  • Suicide Attempts.
  • Attempts At Self Harm.
  • Hallucination.

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