Health District Wants Police to Enforce Their Orders

Health District Wants Police to Enforce Their Orders

December 4 at 5:15 pm the Board of Central District Health will vote to change the current health advisory in place to a health ORDER with enforcement. Instead of “strong recommendations” to wear a face covering, physical distance from others, limit occupancy in businesses, and avoid social gatherings, it would now be an ORDER in all four counties within this health district this includes Ada, Elmore, Valley, and Boise Counties by restricting movement, travel, small businesses and commerce, religious services and in-home gatherings.

Violation of or failure to comply with this Order could constitute a
misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both. Idaho Code § 39-419.

Idaho Code 39-414 is vague and very broad in granting powers and duties to this Board. From that section of Code:

  1. To administer and enforce all state and district health laws, regulations, and standards.
  2. To do all things required for the preservation and protection of the public health and preventive health, and such other things delegated by the director of the state department of health and welfare or the director of the department of environmental quality and this shall be the authority for the director(s) to so delegate.

Please note the use of the word ENFORCE. The Health District wants to impose restrictions that are enforced by our law enforcement and criminal legal systems, which typically operate by criminalization and punishment.

Please also note the use of the phrase “DO ALL THINGS required for the preservation and protection of the public health….”

The people within this health district must stand for freedom and demand our rights be respected. We must reject this advice being changed to an order with enforcement. We must stand together and strongly reject our law enforcement officers being turned on the people and ordered to enforce tyranny on us. We must work to change the broad powers vested in this Board, for they are being used to destroy businesses, livelihoods, and our community.

The CDH Board of Health will consider moving the current Public Health Advisory to a Public Health Order for all 4 counties (Ada, Boise, Elmore, & Valley) at a special meeting on Friday, Dec. 4 at 5:15 pm.

A draft of the potential Public Health Order

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