Independence day is upon us!
Tomorrow, we recognize the birth of this great nation!
We’ve had a good run, but the enemies of freedom have infiltrated our society and are actively working to bring us down!

The word “Freedom” has somewhat different meanings for each individual.
The right to individualism is a huge part of freedom to me!
The freedom to do with my body and care for it is the very foundation of freedom!

Today we are being told on a daily basis to give up that right and submit to the science of “experts”.

We are being told that we are endangering others by refusing vaccines or by not wearing a mask and the list goes on.

Soon the authorities will want to chip us “for our own good and the good of society”.

I will not consent. Will you?

We have the right to keep our bodies in a natural, un-chipped, vaccine free, antibiotic free, etc., state.

The enemies of freedom are attacking these concepts because once they have successfully convinced us to submit our bodies to authoritarian figures against our will, slavery will be accepted as natural and proper.

Enter – Health Freedom Idaho

Since it’s formation, this organization has been possibly the most vocal, active, hard-working, uncompromising freedom organization IN THE WORLD!

I’ve never seen anyone fight harder to protect and promote personal bodily autonomy and as such FREEDOM, than Health Freedom Idaho!
Remember; the most basic of freedom starts with your own bodily autonomy!

Many have fought and died for our freedom and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude! Let’s honor the sacrifice of our soldiers by standing up for freedom in our daily lives! I also want to recognize all the organizations promoting freedom! A free, independent nation can only be made up of free, independent individuals!

Health Freedom Idaho recognizes this fact.

Happy Independence Day!

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