Give Up Round Up Organic Alternative For Sale in Boise

Give Up Round Up Organic Alternative For Sale in Boise

Hey, did you know you DO NOT NEED TO USE ROUND UP to kill the weeds? Round-up contains cancer causing toxins and it breaks down into even scary toxins left in the environment causing harm to children, animals, and plants alike. Vinegar- it didn’t have that sort of track record! But it DOES KILL WEEDS!! Visit North End Organic Nursery. Buy the product. Use it on a HOT DAY (we have had plenty of those in the Boise area)! #giveuproundup #eliminateglyphosate

On facebook this morning North End Organic Nursery announced:

GREAT NEWS! We now have 20% acidity horticultural vinegar that KILLS WEEDS! I mean it just destroys em! AND it’s safe for kids, pets, the environment, etc. $29 for 1 gallon and $60 for 2.5 gallons. You can increase the effectiveness of this vinegar with all natural orange oil, only 1-2oz per gallon of vinegar is needed. The orange oil works as a sticking agent to help the vinegar adhere to the leaves of your weeds. It can also be used to kill insects and as an all natural cleaning product!

We are so grateful for the support we have received from our customers over the last few weeks. Thank you! We would be nothing without all of you!

The support they are reffering to is the fact that several weeks ago, the State of Idaho banned the sale of a natural alternative to Round-up. North End Organic Nursery posted their concerns on facebook and the people reacted. After calls to the State Agricultural Office, the ban was lifted, contingent on the removal of the label that 20% vinegar CAN KILL WEEDS. 

The vinegar in question had not been registered as an herbicide. This vinegar is the same percentage acidity (20%). It is registered as an herbicide in Idaho, meaning it can be labeled and advertised as a product that kills weeds. This new product does not contain the yucca extract (sticking agent) that the old product contained, but that can be substituted with orange oil.

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