#StoptheMandate Why I Walk Away

#StoptheMandate Why I Walk Away

On September 1st, 2021,  I am being forced on a 28-day unpaid suspension, and ultimately, I will be terminated on October 28th due to the hospital’s decision to force experimental vaccines without any long-term testing on all staff, volunteers, and vendors in the healthcare system.

In 30 days, I will be forced to walk away from the profession I have given my life and my heart to for the last ten years. I’m walking away from the only “big girl” job I’ve ever known. I’m walking away from my pharmacy tech position to which I have sacrificed years of my life. Sleeping at the hospital, continuing education, extra hours worked. I’ll never get any of that back.

I’m walking away because I refuse to allow someone to put something that I don’t want into my body, not through bribery, force, or coercion.

I’m walking away because it’s what’s best for myself and my family. I’m walking away because “healthcare” has become a discriminatory, ugly beast. 

I didn’t sign up for this. The healthcare I began my career in was night and day different than this. We were blind to choices made by our patients that brought them to us. 

We are not God, judge, or jury. We are healing hands. 

I will walk away because it’s a lesson my child needs to see.

That his momma gave it her all and still lost. AND THAT ITS OK TO LOSE. He will see what mountains one voice can shake. He will see those mountains move with lots of voices. He will see those mountains crumble with an army of voices. He will learn; his singular voice is capable of amazing things. 

I will walk away with my head held high. I will own this with resolve to move forward. Although my life and heart have been given back in pieces, I will gather those pieces and walk away. I’ll put those pieces together and create something new. 

I’ll rely on the friends I have made in this fight. I’ll rely on my family for the days when the fight seems to be too great. But I will walk away knowing I have an army of people behind me. 

I will walk away. I will do it on my terms. Head held high. Full of pride for giving my all to this fight. Full of pride because I will always tell my son I STOOD UP FOR WHAT WAS RIGHT FOR ME.

I will miss it, but I will walk away.


One of many stories from our healthcare heroes who are being denied informed consent and bodily autonomy by the very industry that should have those concepts held in the highest regard. These words are taken from a public post on facebook. These healthcare workers can see that with only 1% of the damages reported there is a risk that can cause permanent damage. A job is temporary. Death is permanent. Disability is permanent. Where there is risk there must be a choice.


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