Stop Medical Kidnap by Idaho CPS

Stop Medical Kidnap by Idaho CPS

Our children are given to us BY GOD, and our inherent parental rights need to be protected from state departments that have claimed authority over the lives of families. Medical Kidnap is the wrongful removal of a minor or vulnerable adult from a parent or guardian by law enforcement and/or a social worker. Parents/Guardians should always have the final decision in the child or vulnerable adults’ medical care and treatment until those parental rights are terminated by due process in a court.


As a result of CPS investigations, almost 2000 Idaho children are taken from their parents each year and are placed into the Department’s custody, and of those, 66% were eventually returned to their homes but only after much trauma inflicted at the hands of the law enforcement, social workers and judges on the family.

In almost every CPS case, especially the 83% that are unsubstantiated, the parents and the children suffer various forms of shame, fear, stress, trauma, self-doubt, and even depression as a result of the investigation.

Kristine knows firsthand the impact of St Lukes’s CARES Department (child at risk evaluation services) and the harm they cause families in the Tri-State area. It is possible that this hospital department is responsible for more than 500 children being placed in foster care via medical kidnap!


Listen to Kristen’s story and support the bill that she has put together in the wake of the medical kidnap of her son for 16 months facilitated by St Luke’s Doctors and Idaho’s Department of Health Child Protection Department.

Detailed Reading of the Stop Medical Kidnap Bill

This is a very comprehensive bill. It was introduced by Senator Christy Zito and Representative Tammy Nichols at the 2022 session. It received a print hearing and is available for review on the Legislative website. In this video below, Kristine reviews each section of the bill, its purpose, and its significance.
In her case, CPS violated its own policies and procedures and ignored the input of experts and professionals favoring only those few opinions that would support the wrongful removal of her son. Then clerical errors left her without contact with her son for 2 months. As a result, her child was at greater risk of medical complications and suffered many downturns physically and mentally while in the state’s care.

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