Victory for Health Freedom

Victory for Health Freedom

HFI celebrating that committee chairmen who have held and destroyed our bills over the last several years have been removed from their legislative seats. Thanks to your diligence in educating your friends and family about the legislators and their voting records.

in the Senate, Fred Martin and Peter Riggs were voted out. These two individuals were almost exclusively responsible for keeping bills from being heard in the committee. There has been an overhaul in the Senate where all of the health freedom bills died.

In the House, Greg Chaney consistently voted against health freedom and as a Chairman did what he could to silence the voice of the people and proposed bills that violate the first amendment.

The people have spoken. Idahoans demand Health Freedom!

This election saw a LOT of people getting involved and RUNNING FOR OFFICE! People who realized that a good government is OUR responsibility. These individuals put their ‘regular lives on hold to run a campaign, expose the truth and educate the public, friends, and family about the importance of maintaining a legislature that listens to the people.

We are excited that there are many new faces joining the legislature. Many of those individuals have promised to uphold liberty and health freedom.

Time will tell. We will keep a close eye and ‘we the people’ promise to hold them accountable to their word.

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