Idaho Families in Crisis and Foster Care Trauma

Idaho Families in Crisis and Foster Care Trauma

At the Child Protection Legislative Oversight Committee meeting, legislators discussed the trauma that the foster system inflicts on children. One resolution considered is to implement ‘home visits’ to families ‘at-risk’. How will they identify families who are “at-risk” and need home visits?  

I can see how that could be easily abused, like targeting people who believe a certain way or are standing against abuse by the system. It would only make it easier for CPS to take away children with a fabricated or trivial reason. In my opinion, it would further erode our freedoms.

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With every person in the state considered a ‘mandated reporter’, the Health Department is complaining that they are already short-staffed to deal with the 1000’s of calls received by citizens, hospital and school staff. Another solution discussed is to hire young people straight out of college to determine the health and safety of the family structure of families in crisis.

Other comments discussed through facebook were:

Will these individuals many who will have not likely ever parented be able to provide practical recommendations and support to a family in crisis? Not likely!

How will a young adult, “wet behind the ears”, who may have never experienced trying to support a family while suffering through job loss and family crisis, best be able to determine what is in the best interest of the families?

Miste Karlfeldt, Executive Director provides a summary of the meeting
and questions citizens should consider.

Legislators on the Committee

Consider reaching out to these individuals with your concerns about the foster system, CPS, home visits and solutions for the community. You can listen to the meeting in its entirety HERE.

Sen. Abby Lee, Co-chair
District 9
Statehouse (208) 332-1325 (Session Only)
[email protected]

Sen. Mary Souza
District 4
Statehouse (208) 332-1322 (Session Only)
[email protected]

Sen. Kelly Arthur Anthon
District 27
Statehouse (208) 332-1327 (Session Only)
[email protected]

Sen. Cherie Buckner-Webb
District 19
Statehouse (208) 332-1339 (Session Only)
[email protected]

Rep. Mike Moyle, Co-chair
District 14
Statehouse (208) 332-1122 (Session Only)
[email protected]

Rep. Jason A. Monks
District 22
Statehouse (208) 332-1036 (Session Only)
[email protected]

Rep. Bill Goesling
District 5
Statehouse (208) 332-1175 (Session Only)
[email protected]

Rep. Melissa Wintrow
District 19
Statehouse (208) 332-1076 (Session Only)
[email protected]

Have you heard of Safe Families for Children?

This faith-based organization unites churches of a variety of denominations to surround families in crisis with a caring, compassionate community. Safe Families for Children is a movement fueled by compassion to keep children safe and families intact. We temporarily host children and provide a network of support to families in crisis while they get back on their feet.

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