Yesterday Leslie Manookian was interviewed by CBS News for a story they said was to be about big tech censorship of anti-vaccine information and “where the line should be for companies that control the internet.” The story was nothing more than propaganda and proves once again that the mainstream media cares nothing about the suffering of your children.

I told them the The Greater Good is 100% supported by hundreds of published studies, that it was scientifically vetted by renowned experts, that it received an award from a school of public health, that federal law recognizes vaccines injure and kill some and has paid out $4 billion to victims. That the AMA and AAP take millions from pharma and are not unbiased. That CDC‘s ACIP is deeply conflicted. And more. I repeatedly asked why can’t we talk about these facts.

They used none of the fact-based information I gave, instead sensationalizing one comment at the very end. And they called it “vaccine misinformation” despite everything we put out being based on peer reviewed science.

No wonder Sharyl Attkisson of Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson quit – she has integrity and honestly covers stories. This is why fewer and fewer folks watch mainstream news – they know it’s not about the truth, it’s about controlling the narrative.

It would seem President Donald J. Trump is spot on when he calls the media FAKE NEWS.

The vaccine tyrants are turning up the heat. Their latest salvo is to censor vaccine-related information which challenges officialdom. Stepping into line, Amazon took The Greater Good off Amazon Prime. Here’s the response. 

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