Mosquito Spray 101

Mosquito Spray 101

HFI: The Mosquito Abatement Districts got together and declared a ‘state of emergency’ giving them the opportunity to spray large populations in Boise and the surrounding areas with chemical insecticides Dibrom/Naled to ‘protect us’ from mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus. There is NO OUTBREAK of West Nile Virus even though we have an increase in mosquitos due to unusal flooding. In fact, the CDC reports ZERO cases of serious complications from west nile virus for the state. Considering that the spray they are using in these highly populated areas is BANNED in other countries due to its health risks. Its been proven that ariel spray is the LEAST EFFECTIVE MEANS to protect the population from mosquito borne diseases.

Raine, from HFI explains the issues further:

There are reports that have linked aerial spraying of insecticide for mosquitoes to autism. Check out this article from the Miami Herald about a doctor that is filing a lawsuit to stop mosquito spraying. 

Two other sources, Science Daily and Newsweek discuss the connection between spraying for mosquitoes and autism. The results of this study, Published in Environmental Health Perspectives shows how exposure to several different types of insecticides are associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or developmental delay (DD) in the Childhood Autism Risks from Genetics and  Environment (CHARGE) study during pregnancy. 

I urge everyone to go and check those out. 

Doctors’ report on Zika and the causes

Zika threat fraud, Dr. Mercola.

ABC News, West Nile Virus, a different opinion

West Nile, a scam

John Rappaport, independent investigative reporter, talks about the lack of hysteria over many other diseases that cause more deaths than WNV

Here’s what the U.S. Health Works Medical Group has to say about WNV:

“How do you get the West Nile disease? Only one way, get bit by a mosquito that has the virus. The West Nile virus mostly lives in birds. Some mosquitoes bite birds and pick up the virus that way. Who knew mosquitoes bite birds? Seems like a suicidal food choice. If one of these mosquitoes actually manages to catch and bite the infected bird, and survive the experience, he now can bite you. As you would expect there are not exactly swarms of infected mosquitoes.

Now if one such infected mosquito manages to find you, you now have West Nile Virus. But you can’t give it to your family and friends. They have to find their own infected mosquito if they want the virus. In West Nile infected humans, the virus level is low enough that a mosquito biting you won’t likely get infected. So you can‘t pass it on, even with a mosquito’s help.”

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