Non-Toxic Meridian

Non-Toxic Meridian

Non-Toxic Neighborhoods is living the solution in their efforts to ban glyphosate in local parks and communities. We all have a role to play and we can’t wait another minute to take action.” Local citizen activist Melody Watts shares her passion to protect her community from toxins. We are EXCITED to share her welcome message and invite all those interested in protecting the health of their children to her facebook group linked below.

Over 100 communities and municipalities have implemented non toxic neighborhood strategies and never looked back! Please turn on notifications in this group so that you know how you can help.

We are excited to bring this to Idaho, it will take work as there are lobbyists and politics involved in the big chemical sector that have a lot of skin the game to keep chemicals (which by the way are not sustainable to our ecosystem) in our neighborhoods.

We will need people WE THE PEOPLE to talk to our leaders in government to make this change happen. Please add your friends and family and any doctors and scientists that you know interested in this. Our long term health depends on exposure to these harmful chemicals and our children deserve better. We have a strategy so we just need to show we have the numbers and demand to support. I will start a petition soon. We will give you simple instructions and things you can do to support this movement.

Join our group and movement!

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