Oppose SB1380 A Threat to Transparency and Accountability

Oppose SB1380 A Threat to Transparency and Accountability

CTA SB 1380 MUST BE STOPPED‼️ We have 1 chance to stop this bill. It will likely be heard on the house floor on Monday. This bill creates a new agency It expands beyond legislative or judicial oversight with the ombudsman for health and human services appointed by the governor (not elected by the people). This bill threatens transparency and accountability by allowing the ombudsman to operate in secrecy, shielded from public scrutiny. Act now to defend our rights and demand accountability from our representatives.

Send an email today urging them to oppose SB 1380 and protect our freedoms!

HFI is very familiar with the problem we face with Idaho CPS and helps parents regularly. Educational information attached below.

~CPS is used as the stick to coerce parents into medical treatments including vaccines.
~CPS medically kidnaps our children if we decide to explore other treatment options.
~CPS steals our children under the guise of medical neglect when the parent takes their babies into the hospital for care.

***This is outrageous and should not be tolerated but SB 1380 is not the solution and will only create more of a problem.

You should read the 5 page bill.

We will focus on a few key points.

1.) SB 1380 grows the executive branch by creating a new self-governing agency with an ombudsman for health and human services appointed by the governor. See 67-2601. It will operate independently of the legislature, the courts, the H&W Dept and any other state agency or department. See 56-1902 (1).

2.) SB 1380 protects the ombudsman from redress by the citizens of Idaho. See 56-1906.
It states that an individual who willfully interferes with or impedes the ombudsman in the performance of their duties will face a fine of up to $1,000 and up to 6 months in jail.
They may explain this away as being intended to not hinder the work of the ombudsman but will undoubtedly be used against the people to impede the exercise of our 1st amendment rights.

3.) SB 1380 allows the ombudsman to operate in secrecy and makes them untouchable by protecting them from public records requests. See 56-1908.

❌You can’t fix BAD government with MORE government.

🤔Why is a supposedly conservative legislature attempting to grow the executive branch?

Read the bill:
👉🏼 https://legislature.idaho.gov/sessioninfo/2024/legislation/S1380/

IFF rates the bill -3:
👉🏼 https://idahofreedom.org/senate-bill-1380-health-social-services-ombudsman/

Email ALL of the Representatives:
👉🏼 https://healthfreedomidaho.com/2024-representatives/

CPS info including Miste’s presentation about what to do if CPS shows up at your door:
👉🏼 https://healthfreedomidaho.com/the-corrupt-business-of-cps

To avoid spam filters on the Legislative email system, it’s best to email representatives in groups. Simply compose your email, make duplicate copies, and send each copy to different groups of legislators. This ensures they receive your email without it being caught in a spam filter.


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