Starbucks Mug: the gift of carcinogens for Christmas.

Starbucks Mug: the gift of carcinogens for Christmas.

High Levels of Cadmium a known carcinogen has been detected on the 2019 Edition of Starbucks Christmas Mug. As we enjoy this holiday mug manufactured in China, we are unknowingly poisoning ourselves. This fact wasn’t discovered by our protective government agencies but an advocate mother whose mission is to make us aware of the dangers of hidden toxins. Check out Lead Safe Mama’s page.

Were you surpised to find carcinogens on the Starbucks mugs?

Frankly – even though I know how bad this brand has rated (from a toxicant perspective) over the years [I’d estimate I have personally tested more than a thousand Starbucks branded mugs for people over the last decade] – I am really shocked that a brand-new 2019 Starbucks product has Lead at levels this high.

Tamara, Lead Safe Mama

Hey Starbucks, Where’s your corporate responsibility and accountability when it comes to the planet, our children and their future? What possible excuse could you have for manufacturing brand-new high-Lead-content products emblazoned with your name??

And let’s be clear: the end product is not the only concern here…The big picture concern here is that you as a company are supporting/creating a demand for Lead-based pigments. Starbucks – this means you are supporting/instigating the demand for the mining, refining and manufacturing of Lead  – along the entire global supply chain. Shame on you.


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