Vaccine Hesitancy it’s the unanswered questions.

Vaccine Hesitancy it’s the unanswered questions.

Why do they shut down the dialogue, censor the conversation and skirt the concerns of parents hesitant about the ‘greatest medical advancement’ -vaccines? Why are they immediately discredited, name called, labeled an anti vaxxer” & dismissed if they dare ask questions about vaccines?

Why does the government want to mandate that a healthy child be injected vaccines with ingredients that they assume no responsibility for? Why does my doctor immediately become defensive when I ask him a question about vaccines?

We are entering a time in history where we are not even allowed to ASK. Vaccine hesitant parents have questions. They not only want to silence the discussion completely, instead of answering our questions, but they’re also going the extra mile to learn how to combat our hesitancy.

Isn’t it easier to just… answer the question?

Oh, that’s right… kinda hard to convince people who are awake to the LIE – that poison is suddenly not poison just because it’s in their FDA-approved syringe. It’s hard to convince a parent who has seen the vaccine driven damage done to their children and family members. As those who profit from vaccines the number of ‘recommended’ and mandated injections, so does the damage. Don’t be afraid of the answers, be afraid of not asking the questions #justasking

•Why have there been ZERO safety studies on the vaccine schedule in over 30 years (illegally) by the HHS, or on giving multiple vaccines at once?

•Why does a 6 -month-old baby receive as many vaccines as some have received in their lifetime? #justasking

Why doesn’t my doctor know what is in the vaccine he just recommended injected into my child? <vaccine ingredients>

Why are there toxic ingredients in vaccines? Have they been tested synergistically?

•Of the billions of diseases in the world, why are we only afraid of the 16 we vaccinate for? <see Diseases you should fear>

•Why are our doctors that we are supposed to trust with the health of our babies learning NOTHING about vaccine safety, science, risk factors, and adverse reactions in medical school? Ask your doctor these vaccine dangers questions before you vaccinate!  The answers to these questions are profoundly important so that you understand the risks to your child or yourself from vaccines.

•Why is it “unethical” to conduct a true third party, double-blind study using an inert placebo, but totally ethical to administer vaccines to pregnant women and infants that have never been tested in a true third party, double-blind study using an inert placebo?

Why were there 23 doses of vaccines on the CDC recommended schedule in 1986 and now a minimum of 68 recommended doses, and why haven’t they been tested individually and for a cumulative effect?

•How do you expect diseases to be eradicated when we are constantly injecting our children with live viruses?

•What happens when you inject female DNA from an aborted fetus directly into your son? Or male DNA from an aborted fetus directly into your daughter? <aborted fetal DNA remains in vaccines>

•What are the effects of injecting DNA from animals such as cows, pigs, monkeys, chicken, etc? <vaccines aren’t vegan>

•Why are doctors getting massive bonuses from pharmaceutical companies for vaccinating a certain percentage of their patients? <Blue Cross Bonus>

•If vaccines are so safe, why are their manufactures free from all legal liability? <liability-free medical products>

•Why does section 13.1 of every insert state that this vaccine has never been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or potential to impair fertility, but it’s also assumed that the steep rise in childhood cancer and infertility is completely unrelated? #justasking <Read section 13.1>

•Why are we vaccinating pregnant women when section 8 of every vaccine insert states they have NEVER been tested for safety and unknown if it will cause fetal harm?

•Why have the last cases of polio in the over 40+ years caused by the vaccine? #justasking

•If herd immunity works, why are there outbreaks in 100% vaccinated populations?

Why haven’t parents been told that Congress placed vaccines in the category of “unavoidably unsafe.”

Why does CDC say vaccine injury is “rare,” when an HHS report estimates less than 1% of adverse events are reported and Former FDA Commissioner David A. Kessler has estimated that VAERS reports currently represent only a fraction of the serious adverse events?

Why are most pediatric vaccines licensed based on inadequate clinical trials, including follow-up periods too brief to capture adverse outcomes, and illegitimate placebos (e.g., other vaccines instead of an inert/saline placebo)?

Why has there not been a Congressional investigation to question whistleblower Dr. William W. Thompson, a Senior Scientist and Epidemiologist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Immunization Safety Branch), about his claim of fraud and scientific malfeasance at the CDC?

Why am I a good mother when I read the back of a cereal box for ingredients but a CRAZY mother when I read the list of vaccine ingredients?

How is the church not outraged by the use of aborted infants in the manufacturing of vaccines?

When I was a child I got maybe 4 vaccines and everyone I knew had the chickenpox and measles, why has the vaccine schedule exploded to more than 72 doses of vaccines?

Why does the US give the chickenpox vaccine, when the UK and many other countries don’t, because it’s been proven to cause shingles?

Why isn’t the Vaccine Safety Datalink data available to the public?

Many studies have been done, including Minnesota’s own Dr. Poland, that shows as MMR vaccine uptake has risen, measles will never be fully eliminated and vaccinated people will still get measles. What do you think about that?

Many scientists have raised the alarm on the amount of aluminum in vaccines. Why doesn’t the CDC address their concerns?

Why did the ACIP committee recently approve the new Hep B adjuvant despite the safety signal of the myocardial infarction?

Why are all four major vaccine makers (Merck, Sanofi, GSK and Pfizer), who are all convicted of fraud, given a free pass when it comes to vaccines? Merck created Vioxx and is currently being sued for both the Shingles vaccine and Gardasil, and yet their products can be mandated for school entry?

Why do we not do genetic testing before vaccinating?

Why do vaccines contain known neurotoxins & document poisons?

Why do you need to censor free speech and mandate a product if it’s so great?

Who is responsible when my child suffers an adverse reaction to a procedure performed at this appointment? ME! Will the doctor or manufacturers take full liability if the product you are pushing causes harm to my child? Nope. Was I given any relevant information to vaccine reactions when I vaccinated my children? NO.

Are there risks with vaccines? Yes. 4 billion has been paid out only a small percentage of families who suffered death or injury from vaccines.

Most will look at this and think it is a vigil in remembrance of 9/11, sadly it is not.
This is a vigil was held at the CA state capital in remembrance of the lives taken and children left with permanent disabilities or injuries caused by vaccines.

Does this look like 1 in 1 million to you?

A Harvard study found that less than 1% of vaccine injuries are ever reported. <harvard study>

In most cases, the doctors and nurses do not even know about VAERS or just omit sharing it with their patient. <VAERS>

Can you imagine how many more victims are out there?!?

If you have been vaccine injured or your child, even if your doctor says ‘that’s a normal reaction’ file a report with VAERS.

Just because doctors are classifying these injuries or adverse reactions as common it DOES 👏🏼 NOT 👏🏼 MEAN 👏🏼 IT 👏🏼 IS 👏🏼NORMAL 👏🏼

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