Vaccine Safety. Children ARE susceptible to vaccine injury.

Children Susceptible to Vaccine Injury. While the Institute of Medicine (“IOM”) has explained that “most individuals who experience an adverse reaction to vaccines have a preexisting susceptibility,” HHS and CDC have failed to conduct studies to identify children susceptible to vaccine harms while at the same time recommending vaccines for all children

The CDC was constantly ignoring IOM (Institute of Medicine) concerns. One being children susceptible to vaccine injury. Throughout this entire section of this 30-page report I’m highlighting over and over the IOM discussing:

“lack of science”
“science not performed”
“research not being conducted”
“research should be encouraged”
“scientific literature was insufficient”
“lack of basic scientific studies”
“lack of adequate data”
“poor design of vaccine studies”
“studies are too small”
“inadequate length of follow up”

PLEASE lease stop saying “the science is settled” because THE SCIENCE ISN’T EVEN BEING DONE by the government agencies that want to mandate one-size-fits-all vaccines. In the past decade, independent scientists have taken it upon themselves to begin to do the testing.

If you are pro-vaccine WHY AREN’T YOU IN THIS FIGHT WITH ME?!!! These are the products you give your kids after all. Please JOIN me in making this product safer, more ethical and help push for the science to be done!

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