What about tracking the COVID recovered?

The concern is immunity. So what about Natural Immunity from the COVID recovered?

In this clip from October 15, 2021, at the Central District Health Meeting, Dr. Ryan Cole answers the question of natural immunity COVID recovered. Central Health District Board discusses the rate of vaccination and natural immunity COVID recovered posing the question are we close to reaching herd immunity? Should those with natural immunity/previously infected be exempt from vaccination? Health Board Member was unable to provide statistics readily available to the public. These were added by HFI as a screenshot overlay from the coronavirus.idaho.gov website. According to Idaho’s government website: https://coronavirus.idaho.gov/ 1/3 of the Ada County population is Air Force (mandated vaccinations) 809,091 People fully vaccinated* statewide with 276,862 Cases (Total includes confirmed and probable cases) out of a population of 1,839,106.

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