Be Heard

Be Heard

BE HEARD BY JULY 3rd! RIGHT NOW THE CITIZENS CAN COMMENT! We have an unprecedented opportunity to have our voices heard on ANY state rule that we have concerns about! State law requires that the public receive notification when a state agency initiates proposed rulemaking procedures and be given an opportunity to comment to that rulemaking. Due to the lack of vote at the end of Legislative Session last year the rules department has published ALL the temporary rules and they must provide us opportunity to comment on them.
However, COMMENTS CLOSE July 3rd (10 days!). 


Now is the time to have a real and meaningful impact on the 8200+ pages of Idaho Rules and Regulations up for public input. Remember that the Legislature did not automatically approve all the rules at the end of last session. Review how this happened read an overview on page 2>

It is really that simple to make a difference. Complaining and getting angry with government will not fix government; only involvement and civil communication will.  I hope you get involved in this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY! – Heather Scott

There are THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of pages of rules. 

to find a search using KEY WORDS using CNTL F – find – search keywords

HFI Concerns with IDAPA RULES…

IDAPA 16 Department of Health and Welfare Docket 16-0000-1900

IDAPA 16 Department of Health and Welfare Docket 16-000-1900f

**You can choose to send public comments on these rules and other areas that cause you concern!
 Don’t limit yourself! 

You can send numerous emails on various topics. Just be sure to email the appropriate department. All Health and Welfare Concerns: go to [email protected] 

Make the MOST of your time and efforts 

Be sure to CC your email all the Health and Welfare Committee legislators, your personal legislators <find them here> and Health Freedom Idaho) 

<COPY/Paste EMAILS Addresses>


There are a lot to choose from, such as the Department of Transportation, Fish and Game, Environmental Quality, Dentistry, Education, Board of Medicine, Idaho Commission on the Arts, Parks and Recreation, State Police, Attorney General and many more.  If you click on the rule you are interested in in the table of contents, it will take you to that section in the document where you can read what the rule says.

  • You do not like the way that the Department of Labor deals with unemployment insurance requirements.
  • You believe that the systems for pardons and parole needs improvement.
  • You do not like the Commission of Libraries condoning promotions of certain political agendas.
  • You believe the Department of Education should allow more charter schools.
  • You believe the requirements to get an occupational license for Sign Language Interpreters is restrictive.
  • You believe the Health and Welfare Department is denying parental choice when it comes to vaccinations.
  • You are tired of Common Core (re-branded as Idaho Core) and its agenda in the schools.

HINT: Concerned about other department’s rules? You can find the department’s contact information by looking at the document pages 4 – 25 and click the hyperlinked “Notice of Omnibus Rulemaking – Temporary and Proposed Fee Rulemaking” there is a link under each docket. 

We have this opportunity to make a public comment to the department on every state rule. This has NEVER happened in Idaho before, don’t squander it.


What’s the difference? Negotiated and Proposed Rules? <see page 8>

Where did all these rules come from? Here is an index of all the rules

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