The Callous COVID Response forces Idahoans to Die ALONE

The Callous COVID Response forces Idahoans to Die ALONE

Idaho has been in a declared state of emergency by the Governor since March 13 – just one week shy of five months. During this time, a number of our statutes have been altered or suspended by the Governor’s proclamation while appropriation of significant funds has been completely undertaken by the executive branch of state government. The Constitution says this responsibility is reserved for the legislature.

However, the Idaho Constitution has been aborted during this lengthy “emergency”.

During these five months, 246 Idahoans have allegedly died of a particular disease.

Each day the news reports that hospitals are overrun by patients and they are on the brink of having to ration care. (This comes after a three-month complete shut-down of everything including important surgeries and diagnostic procedures to help the hospitals prepare for an influx of ICU patients.)

The hospital admissions for COVID don’t EVER reflect the dire emergency that ‘killed the constitution’.

Currently the hospitals show their admissions like this:

St Alphonsus Hospital Admissions from their website (red are admissions labeled COVID) Notice when the extreme emergency was declared there is barely any hospital admissions!

Past death rates remain consistent throughout the past five year trending up steadily with our population growth. Even with a DECLARED PANDEMIC and EXTREME EMERGENCY the death rath for all Idahoans remains consistent.

Each year the numbers remain fairly consistent.
Death rates for Idaho HAS NOT seen a drastic increase.

But the numbers – the facts – reveal a stark difference to the story they have been telling.

There is NOT a spike in deaths due to COVID-19. In fact, there are several dozen even fewer deaths this year than in previous years in Idaho.

Each month for the past five years, about 1,100 Idahoans die for a variety of causes. The biggest difference is our loved ones are dying alone – without human touch.

Death is a part of life.

Saying that is not callous.

What is callous are the doctors and nurses who use the excuse that “people are dying from a virus this year” to force their patients to die alone – without loving family and human touch – surrounded by strangers and machines. Families are saying goodbye to loved ones through an iPad screen.

Families are left to mourn the passing of their loved ones without the comfort of gatherings or funerals because the Governor and the hospitals prefer the federal funds received from the “rolling” state of emergency.

That is what I would call callous.




PAYOUTS: Idaho has 3 providers who have been paid  7,450,000.00 in HHS federal aid.

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