Destroying the Stigma Of CBD Oil

Destroying the Stigma Of CBD Oil

I have always been a fan of medical cannabis. I am a firm believer that every plant has been given to us for medicine and food. It’s a biblical thing…God made the plants, and He made them for us.  No matter what your perspective on that, many of us know how many plants are fantastic for our health and healing. You can heal many many things by using natural means.  I used cannabis when I was fighting cancer. But today I don’t want to be high. I’ve got no time for that. At 63, I want to function on all cylinders.  

Recently, my friend introduced me to CBD oil from hemp.

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating compound found in both marijuana and hemp. It’s one of numerous natural plant cannabinoids.
  • Hemp refers to the sterilized seeds, stems, stalks and roots.  

Now there is a miracle plant -hemp.   Cannabis Ruderalis.  Hemp is one of the most amazing plants there is.  It can replace fossil fuel, make paper, make clothing, be food, and miracle of miracles….heal the body. There is no psychoactive effect with Hemp, with its very low THC.


I was asked to try CBD oil and being the intrepid experimenter I am, I said, “Sure, what the heck!” So I started taking these drops twice a day, morning and night to see what it was all about.  

Day 3, I was sleeping all night, not even waking up to go to the bathroom. WOW. Haven’t slept for 20+ years.  Astonishing!

Then my radiation caused hot flashes went away.

Another miracle, being able to enjoy a hot shower again.  

Then pine pollen season went by without any allergy symptoms.  

“OK…I’m sold!”

I started sharing CBD with others, and BAM! The testimonies began to roll in:

Joint pain – gone.

Migraines – diminished.

Rheumatoid Arthritis pain -gone.

Hormonal issues – gone.

In fact, there are reports that neurological symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, opiate addiction and more are all being helped by this oil from a plant.  


We have this thing called an endocannabinoid system. It is a recent discovery that came about as cannabis started to be known more for healing.  The endocannabinoid system touches every single part of the body and brings it into homeostasis, or perfect balance.  


During legislative hearings on the topic of CBD, concerns were raised about the regulation of purity of CBD oil. These are valid concerns that can be addressed by a free-market. Consumers must research and read labels choosing companies that prove CBD oil is a pure organic non-GMO product. I will only use a pure product. Its so important to take time to read the labels on this and ANYTHING you consume. Many companies add all kinds of harmful additives in the products like polysorbate 80, and propylene glycol to name a few.  I chose a product that is all CBD from hemp in hemp seed oil. While there is added peppermint its naturally extracted flavor oil using CO2 extraction.  

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As a cancer butt kicker, the organic and lab testing outcomes are critical to me. Bringing my body into balance is crucial to my health and life. I choose a very clean lifestyle and CBD to help me continue to be cancer free. I believe in this oil. I am passionate about it. I believe it is a gift, and one that can help so many people. Every day I am grateful that I was introduced to it, and that others are finding it too.  

Liz Re

Legal Hope without the high

This seems to sum up what CBD does in a nutshell. It is indeed a miracle oil, made from one of the most miraculous, versatile plants on earth.

Share With Us! Have you found CBD oil beneficial? What about other uses for hemp, seeds and hemp oil? 

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