Diet Soda Destroys Your Body. Aspartame kills. Over 91 symptoms were documented by FDA before they stopped taking reports. Aspartame interacts with hormones. Dr. James Bowen has written a lot on aspartame and lupus. He says aspartame turns your immune system against your body. The formaldehyde embalms the proteins and makes them strange to the immune system. Your immune system attacks your own body because it considers your own denatured protein as an antigen. This generates the false information fed into the immune system that your own proteins are to be attacked. Then any other insults, mental, physical, immunological can stimulate the immune attack and the immune attack is lupus!

Selena Gomez has lupus.
She drinks Diet Coke. 1

Michael J. Fox is said to have Parkinson’s.
He was “Mr. Diet Pepsi” 1987. 2

Heath Ledger drank diet soda. He’s dead.

John Ritter drank diet soda. He’s dead.

Annette (you old Mousketeers know of her) drank diet soda and she died of MS.

1 Selena Gomez advertises Diet Coke and has lupus.. I wrote about it recently and added an email to the CDC which went into exactly how aspartame can precipitate lupus. 
Michael Jackson was another advertiser of diet pop and had lupus.

2 Michael Fox advertised Diet Pepsi and has Parkinson’s.
Cher used it and has Epstein Barr. We did get to her before she signed a $900,000 deal to continue advertising Equal. She quit immediately. It has become so epidemic the Epstein Barr Assoc changed their name to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Lucky Vanous, the Diet Coke hunk who advertised Diet Coke was fortunately in Atlanta and I was able to get information to him. Fifty-eight days later Lucky was on Hardcopy and gone from Coke. Later Hardcopy was cancelled.

Read the last chapter in “While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills” at free by Dr. Woodrow Monte.
Bressler Report and see the FDA’s own reports stating that aspartame causes birth defects on Yet the FDA continues to lie to the public.More on aspartame on, and

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