#Neverknow Who You Will Meet in a #Wrongturn

#Neverknow Who You Will Meet in a #Wrongturn

#Neverknow Who You Will Meet in a #Wrongturn 

Today, I made a wrong turn. So I pulled into the neighborhood to check my phone. I was sitting in front of a home when the owner drove up. I thought he might be mad a stranger sitting in a vehicle in front of his home.

He Paused his vehicle, then drove around us and parked.

I rolled down my window, said, “I’m sorry, just a bit lost”.

He seemed to ignore me as he pulled in in garbage cans. But then, while I was still searching for the right address, he walked up to my open vehicle window.

I started to apologize again. He interrupted with a wave of his hand and with a slight New York accent he said. “Nah, I was actually reading your signs there

“I…I mean”.. He started to choke up. “My son, in there (waving towards his home) he’s completely…” (his voice faded).

<He cleared his throat and he began again>

I was so surprised to see that because, my son, he was completely healthy and then when he was one, got his vaccines.

Four days after his vaccines he had a seizure. They didn’t get him oxygen in time and he’s completed.. (again his voice faded)

Its the vaccines that did this. He was perfectly healthy until then.

See that car there, that’s the hospice nurse. He’s being fed through a tube. His body is so twisted, he can’t breathe on his own anymore.

He’s dying. He said it so matter of fact.

I got choked up. I said, “I’m sorry. I am so very sorry.”

I handed him our HFI brochure. We talked about California laws that had forced me out of the state and to Idaho for refuge. I told him about Health Freedom Idaho, here to make sure that parents are never felt compelled or forced into making health choices by the government.

We talked about the increase in vaccines to the 68 given today – he didn’t know that. We talked about vaccine injury and the lack of manufacture liability – he didn’t know that. We talked about the 3 BILLION paid to families and that there are so many more like himself, whose children suffered and they didn’t even get any help/or a “day in court”.

I felt so bad. Teary eyed I said good-by offering to help – but not knowing what that would be.

My daughter said, “maybe you let him tell his story was the help he needed.” There are too many of these stories. #NotOneInAMillion Even #Oneistoomany

Vaccine injury is real.

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