Freedom is Maintained by Informed Citizens

Freedom is Maintained by Informed Citizens

How empowered do you feel when it comes to dealing with political issues? How confident do you feel about understanding government and your rights? Do you fear the government?

 If you feel like you aren’t sure how to deal with political topics, or don’t understand quite how government works, and aren’t sure you really know your rights, well guess what? You aren’t alone. And it’s pretty much by design.

2020 Upheaval, pandemic, chaos

How easy it to gain control over others? It doesn’t happen overnight. This is like the year that a giant red launch button was pushed. Plans were in place. Hell, even the planets are aligned for all this upheaval, pandemic, and chaos going on. So my question, how easy is it to gain control over others and have them fall right in line?


  • Don’t educate them on certain topics, control what they learn
  • Don’t truly educate them on their rights and how to use them
  • Confuse the crap out of them, until they don’t know what’s up or down anymore
  • Indoctrination, propaganda, programming
  • Mainstream media
  • Hollywood

The list goes on a mile long, but you get the gist. But that wouldn’t happen in your state, in your country, in America, the land of the free… right?

How much do you remember from civics class? Did you take a civics class in school? If you did, was anything you ever learned put into practice? Probably not.

Here’s the short of what I’m getting at:
The government’s job is to protect our rights. To create equal laws. Its purpose is to serve the people and uphold the constitution. Do you feel like that’s happening right now? I don’t. I can’t even recall a time when I felt like my voice was heard or that government was looking out for the people. But it’s truly out of control this year. Everywhere in this country.  

 The government isn’t responsible for us, and it’s certainly not meant to reign over us. If you’re living in fear of the government, that’s tyranny. If you’re being told how to live your life by the government, that’s tyranny, that’s a dictatorship, and you certainly wouldn’t see that in America…..right?  


 Yesterday evening I attended an event put on by Rep. Heather Scott and Health Freedom Idaho at Julia Davis Park. I saw her speak at the Capitol in Boise on Tuesday (read about the rally here). She was amazing, as many of the 15 that showed up for that special session were. I was inspired and felt some hope, and unity, and like my voice, and the voice of the people around me in the gallery were being heard. Sure we didn’t get a resolution we had hoped for, but for the first time ever in my life, I felt like there are actually people, legislators that care and really do want to do their job. They want to be a voice for the people and uphold their oath and the Constitution.

 My initial impression of Heather is that she’s down to earth, approachable, passionate, and empowering.  She wants to keep America a Republic and she wants people to understand their rights.

Really quickly, I’m going to do my best to sum up the topics she discussed, what I got from her presentation “Plannedemic”:

  1. Power grabbing by our Governor. Running Idaho like he’s a king. Making his own advisory board, making, amending, and suspending hundreds of statutes.
  2. Extreme emergency in Idaho that’s never happened (see information on that here)
  3. The 1.6 billion dollars our Governor has taken from the feds, which of course is strings attached, and it’s 38% more money than Idaho even spends in a year. This money is also not being tracked by the State Controller office. Why?
  4. Contact tracing plans which started at $7 million dollars and are now up to $55 million dollars (correct me if I’m wrong, I’m pretty sure she said 55 mil). This staffs up Idaho for massive surveillance, CPS, and breaking up family units. This is a big one, folks. If you have kids, you need to read over the 37 page document that covers the governor plans. And you need to know your rights about how to protect your children and your family.
  5. Information overload by news and social media
  6. Government “running amuck”
  7. Turmoil, tyranny, and anarchy in America
  8. The “bludgeoning” of messages around Covid i.e. “ new world,” “flatten the curve,” “stay home,” “stay safe,” “self-quarantine,” and last but not least “social distancing.”
  9. Christianity, churches closing their doors when people needed them most. How the media has become the church, telling us what to do, how to spend time, how to interact with each other, etc. The topic of Christians seeing this as a spiritual battle.
  10. Draconian policies. Messages to be afraid, shun socialization, snitch on people not complying, and follow government edicts. Sounds like themes from far too many books and movies, but I won’t go there.
  11. Stickers on businesses to show they’re a “non-hating” business. I don’t know about you guys reading this, but sounds to me a bit like the ol Green Book days, when black people knew/told where they could travel safely. Again, not a topic I’m getting into right now, but you can ponder on yourself.
  12. Mail-in ballots that can lead to fraud.
  13. DNA databases, all the massive swabbing, forced vaccinations, deep state, elite globalists, the book of Revelations, Nanotechnology, oh, and how about all the money that biotech companies are dumping into Idaho.
  14. Businesses only taking credit cards. This way we can be that much more easily traced on where we’ve been.
  15. She explained some phone calls and honestly what sounds like a federal takeover, here’s the language used,” locally executed, state-managed, federally supported scenarios and regulations.” Hhhmmm, so our governor can pretty much free himself from responsibility by putting things off on the health district, some other region, or the President. You may think your hands can be wiped clean Gov. Little, but we the people see otherwise.
  16. She explained socialism briefly: “marginalize, demonize, criminalize, litigate, incarcerate, and exterminate.”
  17. She expressed over and over how critical it is to know our rights, but also how to stand on them, how actually use them.
  18. She asked the question, “What’s your line in the sand? When is enough is enough?” Basically, what do we value, what do we stand for, what can’t we take any more, and what’s it going to take to get people to want to protect their freedom.  

Freedom isn’t free. Know your rights was drilled into every bit of the presentation. She wants people empowered to be in a free country that know how to use their rights. We are all responsible for ourselves and to stop being so complacent to the government edicts. We need to know the system we’re in.

Okay, awesome presentation, Heather. Seriously, she was hitting the nail on the head with all of her points she wanted to make. And she didn’t leave us hanging. She did give some pointers. In case you didn’t know, a representative’s job is to uphold the constitution and make laws. If you want the government to hold your hand then you don’t want to live in a free nation. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Any society that will give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

 Folks, that’s where we are. Right now. What are you willing to give up? What are you willing to lose?


We must persevere if we want to keep this country a free nation. We all have to step up and do better. We have to do better for our children, for each other, and for ourselves.  Don’t lose yourself to the propaganda and fear. Remember who you are. Get in touch with that light and love inside. Get right with yourself. Get right with God. Go do some good in the world. Fight for what’s right. Exercise your rights. Learn how to connect with people again. And I don’t just mean because of all the isolation this year. We’ve all been far too removed from one another for far too long. I’m always learning. I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zones.  We can all do this.

shared with permission from blog Allisonsattitude

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