H 546 Children can choose to be organ donors

H 546  Children can choose to be organ donors

Did you all know that there is a bill in Idaho that, if passed, will allow children to decide to become organ donors at age 15? The teen must have parental consent under the age of 18. To further understand what you are agreeing to as an organ donor please watch the attached video.

This bill passed with FULL support on the house floor and now it is on to the senate Health and Welfare Committee. Please educate our senators and ask them to vote NO when they hear H 546 in the H&W Committee.

Chair – Lee Heider- (208) 332-1347
Vice Chair – Mary Souza – (208) 332-1322
Fred S Martin – (208) 332-1407
Abby Lee – (208) 332-1325
Mark Harris – (208) 332-1429
Jeff Agenbroad – (208) 332-1329
Dan Foreman – (208) 332-1405
Maryanne Jordan – (208) 332-1352
Tony Potts (208) 332-1313

Email Blasts for H&W
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