Health Freedom Advocates

Health Freedom Advocates

Health Freedom Idaho leadership understands that our liberty to choose what is right for our family is always one vote away from tyranny. With this in mind, we push ourselves harder each legislative session to protect and preserve the liberty we value in this great state.

From its inception Health Freedom Idaho (HFI) was created to preserve Idahoans’ health care freedoms.

All around us, states are battling the removal of exemptions. Amid such medical tyranny, parents are fleeing the vaccine extremism as medical refugees. As we discuss the situation with health freedom state leaders, so many regret that they did not get LOUD earlier. We at Health Freedom Idaho heed this as a warning.

Health Freedom Idaho Wins

Health Freedom Idaho has been ON THE SCENE since 2015. 

  • Health Freedom Idaho has had representatives at every legislative session since 2015. Our representatives attend and testify at our Capitol on behalf of Idahoans, who value parental rights and health freedom.
  • Health Freedom Idaho has faithfully monitored each legislative session and kept tabs on bureaucratic activity to determine what new bills and rules might undermine Idahoans’ liberty.
  • Health Freedom Idaho strives to provide concise and consistent communication with members providing timely calls to action to preserve liberty.
  • Health Freedom Idaho has aided in drafting bills that safeguard parental rights, medical freedom, and nondiscrimination in child care, education, and employment. 
  • Health Freedom Idaho has authored almost 1000 articles published on our website, quickly becoming one of the most significant health freedom websites nationwide
  • Health Freedom Idaho has maintained our social media presence amid considerable censorship and internet bullying. 
  • Health Freedom Idaho has traveled and presented at Autism One, We the People, and other Vaccine Choice regional groups. 
  • Health Freedom Idaho hosts our own Natural Health Symposium to provide Idahoans access to the wealth of knowledge from qualified, naturally minded health practitioners.
Health Freedom Idaho accomplishments

And we are just getting started. Rest assured that we are not backing down! We are continually doing things to effective change.

If you live in Idaho, or will soon call this beautiful state your home, we implore you to take action and join us today! 

For less than a dollar a month, you can join this growing dedicated community that is determined to protect liberty in Idaho. 

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