House Race: Who Stands FOR Health Freedom?

Our Survey Results regarding informed consent, parental rights, citizen rights, access to CBD oil and holistic practitioner licensing. 

Health Freedom Idaho sent out candidate surveys to those running for office to see where they stand on health freedom, parental rights and informed consent. Those who responded have a link to the survey. Health Freedom Idaho does not endorse any candidate. This information is by no means exhaustive its intention to provide you a tiny bit of insight regarding those candidates who wished to participate in our surveys that pertains to health freedom or parental rights. We invite you to share quotes, resources, information on town hall meetings that may provide insight regarding the candidates in the comments below. Health Freedom Idaho wants to help educate voters as you head to the voting both. We want you to have the information that you need in order to make the best decision for you and your family. We also complied the voting records for the current Senators and Representatives on several key pieces of legislation. Not sure what district you will be voting in? Check here:

District 2

John Green
learn more about John at his campaign website:

Regarding the rights of government and the rights of citizens: 

The Government has no “rights”. All rights are inherent in citizens. The government has to keep citizens apprised as to risks dangers of anything that might adversely affect their health or safety. Citizens have a right to such information.

Regarding informed consent:

I believe we have an inalienable right to determine our own course when it comes to health care, which includes using any substance available if we determine that it will improve our health, protect us from disease, or benefit our quality of life. I believe parents have an inalienable right and an absolute duty, to make health care and education decisions on behalf of their children. Informed consent is usually the safest option, and it should be required if there is any doubt as to the safety of any procedure or conduct that affects the public. The proper role of government is to protect the lives, liberty and property of its citizens. Informed consent is a good tool for the government to exercise that duty. 

District 5A

Hari Heath
learn more about Hari at his campaign website:

Regarding informed consent: 

Informed should mean honest accurate information not the usual biased or fraudulent “facts” Consent means voluntary action including the ability to effectively say no.

Regarding licensing of practitioners

The state should end licensing and move it to professional associations who regulate their members to maintain their reputations, ending state-sanctioned monopolies and opening free choice in a few markets.

District 11A

Josh Gibbons

learn more about Josh at his campaign site:

Regarding the licensing of holistic practitioners:

I do not believe government intrusion into the free market is the best solution. As a consumer, choosing any medical treatment, I should make an informed decision based on recommendations and credentials when I choose to seek help. I believe in free market self-policing.

Regarding informed consent and parental rights

At the end of the day, you alone are responsible for the health of your family. The government has no business intruding into how you seek to heal or maintain your health.

District 11B

Tammy Nichols
learn more about Tammy at her campaign site:

Regarding CPS involvement when medical treatment is refused.

Parents always have the right to make medical decisions, and what is in the best interest for their children. The HD (Health Department) and CPS are not the parents and should only intervene when clear abuse and/or neglect are occurring. 

Regarding holistic licensing

I believe that over licensing and regulation is occurring and that the free market will do the best job overall. 

District 25A

Glenneda Zuiderveld
learn more about Glenneda at her campaign site:

Regarding CPS involvement over treatment of a gravely ill child

Parents have the ultimate right.  It is not the governments roll to regulate this. 

Regarding the rights of parents and the government

I am for parental choice and health choice.  The original purpose of government is to preserve liberties not to restrict and regulate our freedoms to choose. 

District 25B

Lyle Johnstone

learn more about Lyle at his campaign website:

Regarding Holistic Healthcare Licensing

Does this type licensing improve quality of care? Or is it limiting quality people that would be able readily pass licensing? Is it for the Business of licensing?!

Regarding the vaccine exemption form

IN FAVOR of a bill of clarification

District 32

Chad Christensen
learn more about Chad at his campaign website:

Regarding Parental Rights

I am against the intrusion of privacy by the government. The government needs to stay out of my parenting. It needs to cease trying to be a nanny and thinking they know best for my children and me. I am for absolute freedom of choice in regards to medical issues of my family. Except for blatant child abuse (physical and sexual), the government should have no authority over my children. The government should always receive permission from its people to operate and perform tasks. The government continually oversteps its boundaries year after year. A strong line in the sand needs to be drawn. I have inalienable rights whether the government recognizes them or not.

Regarding the vaccine exemption form

IN FAVOR of a bill of clarification





Democrat Republican Other
1A Bob Vickaryous Heather Scott (I)
Ellen Weissman Mike Boeck
1B Stephen F. Howlett Sage Dixon (I)
2A Maria Andrews Vito Barbieri (I)
Fritz Wiedenhoff
2B Alanna Brooks John Green
Richard Kohles Doug Okuniewicz
3A No candidate Ron Mendive (I)
3B Dan Hanks Kathy Sims
Tony Wisniewski
4A Janie Hansen Jim Addis
Rebecca Schroeder
4B Shem Hanks Paul Amador (I)
Roger Garlock
5A Margaret Gannon Bill Goesling
Hari Heath
5B Terry Hardman Caroline Nilsson Troy (I)
Laurene Sorensen
6A No candidate Thyra Stevenson (I)
6B John Rusche Mike Kingsley (I)
7A No candidate Priscilla Giddings (I)
Ryan Lawrence
Shannon McMillan
7B No candidate Paul Shepherd (I)
Phil Hart
8A No candidate Terry F. Gestrin (I)
8B No candidate Dorothy Moon (I)
9A Allen Schmid Ryan Kerby (I)
Lorrie Richins
9B Chase Van Weerdhuizen Judy Boyle (I)
10A Sead Muradbegovic Jarom Wagoner (I)
10B Chelsea Gaona-Lincoln Greg Chaney (I)
11A No candidate Scott Syme (I)
Josh Gibbons
11B Brian Ertz Kirk Adams
Scott Brock
David Lincoln
Tammy Nichols
Kathryn Ralstin
12A Patricia Day Hartwell Robert Anderst (I)
12B No candidate Rick Youngblood (I)
13A No candidate Brent Crane (I)
13B Chris Ho Gary Collins (I)
Lori Shewmaker
14A Jane M. Rohling Mike Moyle (I)
14B No candidate Gayann DeMordaunt (I)
15A Steve Berch Lynn Luker (I)
15B Jake Ellis Patrick McDonald (I)
16A John McCrostie (I) Graham Paterson
16B Rob Mason Jim Silsby
Colin Nash
Geoff Stephenson
George Tway
Barb Vanderpool
17A John L. Gannon (I) Anthony Dephue
Randy Johnson
17B Susan Chew (I) Kevin Rhoades
18A Ilana Rubel (I) No candidate
18B Brooke Green Steve Simmons
19A Mathew Erpelding (I) Gary Parent II
Mark Patten
19B Melissa Wintrow (I) No candidate
20A No candidate Joe Palmer (I) Daniel S. Weston (Constitution)
20B No candidate James Holtzclaw (I)
21A Joshua Robinson Steven Harris (I)
21B No candidate Tom Dayley (I)
22A No candidate John Vander Woude (I)
22B No candidate Jason Monks (I)
Ronald DeBlauw
23A No candidate Christy Zito (I)
Oscar Evans
23B No candidate Megan C. Blanksma (I)
24A No candidate Lance Clow (I)
24B Deborah Silver Rocky Ferrenburg Anthony Tomkins (Constitution)
Linda Wright Hartgen
25A No candidate Laurie Lickley
B. Roy Prescott
Glenneda Zuiderveld
25B No candidate Clark Kauffman (I)
Lyle Johnstone
26A Muffy Davis Steve Miller (I)
26B Sally Toone (I) Mike McFadyen
27A No candidate Scott Bedke (I)
27B No candidate Fred Wood (I)
Kevin Williams
28A Steve Landon Randy Armstrong (I)
28B No candidate Gary Aldous
Kevin Andrus
Kay Jenkins
Dennis Spencer
29A Chris Abernathy Dustin W. Manwaring (I)
Sean Fay
29B Elaine Smith (I) Kevin Brown Sierra Carta (L)
Molly Swallow
30A Pat Tucker Jeffrey Thompson (I)
Gary Marshall
30B No candidate Wendy Horman (I)
Randy Neal
31A No candidate Neil Anderson (I)
31B No candidate Julie VanOrden (I)
Julianne Young
32A No candidate Marc Gibbs (I)
32B No candidate Thomas Loertscher (I)
Chad Christensen
33A Jim De Angelis Barbara Ehardt (I)
33B George Morrison Bryan N. Zollinger (I)
34A No candidate Ronald M. Nate (I)
Doug Ricks
34B No candidate Elaine King
Marshall Merrell
Britt Raybould
35A No candidate Daniel Davis
Jerald Raymond
35B Jerry L. Browne Karey Hanks (I)
Rod Furniss

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