Senate Race: Who stands FOR Health Freedom?

Senate Race: Who stands FOR Health Freedom?

Health Freedom Idaho candidate surveys are starting to come in. Here’s what some candidates say in regards to Health Freedom.
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District 1Scott Herndon
Regarding licensing of holistic practitioners:

“A license is a grant of permission, and I think the free market ought to be used to discern the qualification of naturopaths and other holistic practitioners. Then, leave it to the holistic healthcare industry to create their own industry standards and private industry board certifications by which they certify the qualifications of their practitioners.”

District 8 Marla Lawson
Regarding parental rights and vaccine choice:

I think there is validity to concerns over the danger of today’s vaccines. I also feel parents should have say so as to what medicines and treatments are given to their children.

District 14 

Natalie Feuerstein
Regarding CPS involvement of a gravely ill child after parents decline treatment

The rights of the parents are supreme, and should only be superseded by the government in extreme circumstances AFTER a jury of peers deems the parents, grandparents, other family members to be unfit (due to criminal neglect). Going against the advice of a doctor is NOT criminal neglect. Doctors are not infallible, and parents have the right and responsibility to do what is right for their children regardless of advice from others (including doctors).

Todd Hatfield
Regarding the rights of citizens and the government 

Citizens are due as much information as possible from their governmental agencies regarding any and all health and safety notification. Rights are not granted by government, government protects the inalienable rights of the individual.

District 15

Sarah Clendenon
Regarding Informed consent on carcinogenic spraying:

Not only should there be information given on anything that cities and counties release into the air, but there should be public discussion, debate, testimony from experts, and city/county votes on the issue. If it is approved after that process, there should absolutely be public notice requirements and the opportunity to opt your property completely out.

District 17

David DeHaas

Regarding licensing of holistic practitioners

I am against Licensing. Licensing always creates a favored class, limits free market competition, and limits choice.

District 23

Mark Rhatigan
Regarding informed consent and health freedom

I believe we have been given Maximum Liberty to utilize one’s own rights, whether personal or parental, as given by our creator, to use our freedom balanced with morality and all the responsibilities that are tied to that. That said, it is our responsibility not our governments to keep ourselves as completely informed with unbiased (special interest agendas withheld) information, so we can make educated decisions for our families, as issues come up.

District 28

Alan Curtis
Regarding CPS involvement when parents choose to deny treatment for a gravely ill child

Parent’s rights end when the child turns 18. Pretty simple concept. Unless the child is being sexually or physically abused the government has no
business intervening.

The Idaho Senate is comprised of 35 Senators elected for two-year terms. The state is divided into 35 legislative districts, each represented by two Representatives and one Senator. 2018 is an election year for our entire Legislature. 

2018 Legislative Election SENATE
District Democrat Republican Other
1 Vera Gadman Danielle Ahrens
    Scott Herndon
    Jim Woodward
2 Dale Broadsword Steve Vick (I) Shon Luoma (L)
3 Patrick Lippert Don Cheatham
4 Cory Jane English Mary Souza (I)
    Michael Pereira
5 David Nelson Dan Foreman (I)
    Marshall Comstock
6 No candidate Dan Johnson (I)
7 No candidate Carl G. Crabtree (I)
8 No candidate Steven Thayn (I) Kirsten Faith Richardson (Constitution)
  Marla Lawson  
9 No candidate Abby Lee (I)
10 Evangeline Beechler Jim Rice (I)
11 Harold Coles Jr. Patti Anne Lodge (I)
  Edward Savala Zach Brooks
12 Chelle Gluch Todd Lakey (I)
13 No candidate Jeff C. Agenbroad (I)
14 Richard Boozel Darin Driscoll
    Natalie Feuerstein
    C. Scott Grow
    Todd Hatfield
    Ted Hill
15 Jim Bratnober Fred S. Martin (I)
    Sarah Clendenon
16 Grant Burgoyne (I) LeeJoe Lay
    Ryan McDonald
17 Maryanne Jordan (I) David DeHaas
18 Janie Ward-Engelking (I) No candidate
19 Cherie Buckner-Webb (I) Aaron Tribble
20 No candidate Chuck Winder (I)
  Mark Johnson
21 Dawn Pierce Clifford Bayer (I) Joe Evans (L)
22 Mik Lose Lori Den Hartog (I)
23 No candidate Bert Brackett (I)
  Mark Rhatigan
24 No candidate Lee Heider (I)
  Jay Waters III
25 No candidate James Patrick (I)
  Terry Edwards
26 Michelle Stennett (I) Julie Lynn
27 No candidate Kelly Anthon (I)
28 Mike Saville Jim Guthrie (I)
    Alan Curtis
29 Mark Nye (I) Lance B. Kolbet
30 No candidate Dean Mortimer (I)
31 No candidate Steve Bair (I)
32 No candidate Mark Harris (I)
  Noall Wolff
33 Jerry Sehlke Tony Potts (I)
    David Lent
34 Robert Nielsen Brent Hill (I)
35 No candidate Van Burtenshaw
  Jud Miller

How did the current Senators vote on Health Freedom Issues? 

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