Join the Movement for Health Freedom & Informed Consent

Join the Movement for Health Freedom & Informed Consent

Please join the leaders in the movement for health freedom and Informed Consent!  MEMBERSHIP is reduced to $10 a year to help you help us!

Our children are so very sick, and we have the right to information that would allow us to make healthy choices for them. Our medical systems and media are owned by entities that don’t want us to have information OR choice!

This affects EVERY man, woman, and child. Even if you believe vaccines are safe and effective, help support the right to choose or decline medical treatments. Someday the burden of this situation could affect you … what if you were allergic to antibiotics or some other drug and the law stated that you must take it, regardless of your beliefs or health condition?

Help protect choices and rights of all citizens, no matter skin color, religion or belief system, gender, orientation, or ancestral background. We all deserve the opportunity to receive life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If you have already joined..thank you! Be sure to share!!!! When we stand together, things change. 

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