Activism 101: Effectively Communicating with State Legislators

Activism 101: Effectively Communicating with State Legislators

Representative Heather Scott and Senator-elect Christy Zito (who previous served in the House for 2 terms) share some insights on how to effectively communicate with legislators. They point out that the influences at the Capitol come from all sides, but the people who elected them SHOULD hold the highest influence. This isn’t always the case with all legislators.

This insightful interview gets to the nitty gritty of communication with legislators in and out of session. They draw on years of experience dealing with the peer pressure and media bias against liberty minded legislators.

Be sure to take a listen!


Identify yourself as a constituent. Legislators are much more receptive once they know they’re talking to a constituent (not to mention, a voter).

Voice your position. After identifying yourself as a constituent, begin with a short explanation about why you personally support or oppose a certain issue. You may want to include how this affects your family, community and the local economy.

Know the issue. Legislators are often concerned with multiple issues, so make your call count by providing information sourced from sound, scientific research, -be their expert! A quick and factual message will demonstrate to your legislators that you are a well-informed constituent who means business.

Always say thank you.¬†Legislators’ offices hear complaints all the time, and just like anyone else, they feel rewarded when their actions are appreciated. Thank you notes are also a great way to keep your issue at top-of-mind.


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