Letter to Governor Little

Letter to Governor Little

Health Freedom Idaho is a coalition of Idaho residents, practitioners, and professionals that inform, educate, and advocate for the natural, unalienable God-given rights of all people. Every person is free to choose how to get and stay well. We are committed to promoting and preserving for the people of Idaho the right to access the healing and health care treatment, information, and services of their choice which they determine necessary for their own health and happiness. We are committed to standing for liberty. We are committed to upholding and defending the Idaho and United States Constitutions. We are resolved to lead the people in defending and retaining their freedoms.

The recent ‘discovery’ and narrative of an alleged new virus making its way to Idaho has created an environment of fear and an uncharted landscape of government overreach in the lives of all Idahoans. This interruption in the education, business, and social interaction of Idahoans will not be tolerated. While some may believe that the unlawful destruction of our way of life may ‘slow the spread’ or ‘protect the susceptible,’ this is simply not accurate and not appropriate. Humans encounter trillions and trillions of pathogens – bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites in our world every minute of every day. Nature brilliantly designed our bodies with amazing immune systems to combat these earthly cohabitants of ours.

Our natural rights are not subject to claims of suspension for ‘safety’ purposes. UNALIENABLE means these rights are inherently ours. These rights cannot, and will not, be suspended or infringed upon ever, for any reason. This is non-negotiable. 

Idahoans who personally feel concerned about this or any pathogen certainly have the right to restrict their own movement, self-quarantine, avoid social interaction, or take any other measure of self-induced restriction they deem necessary for their own safety. What may not happen is government-forced restriction on the people, whether state or federal. It is up to each and every person to keep themselves well, not the state. We understand that it is our job as individuals to get adequate nutrition, sleep, relaxation, exercise, and fresh air. It is not up to the state, or any other Idahoan, to police what another does, nor to protect them. The state does not have the right to dictate the way Idahoans lead their lives, nor to force some Idahoans to protect others for a theoretical threat. Every person is sovereign, and we as a state are sovereign. We will not allow the violation of our sovereignty. 

Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, said, and we echo this sentiment, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” The people of Idaho will not be enslaved. There is nothing more dangerous than the destruction of our liberty, and we will not stand for it. 

Health Freedom Idaho, and all that stand with us, demand that our God-given rights be respected. We assert that every single business in our state is essential, and that they shall be respected as such. Health freedom and all freedom includes the right to human interaction, happiness, unrestricted movement, and unrestricted social interaction. Peaceful assembly is a fundamental right, and it shall not be infringed.

We expect and demand access to every single item on the market. Government will not be permitted to decide what products are and are not available for sale or trade. We will not stand for it. 

We expect you, Governor Little, as well as all state, city, and county executive departments, state, city, and county employees, the Representatives and Senators that comprise our Legislature, our law enforcement, our Judges and our courts to understand, respect, and uphold our God-given rights. We expect you to immediately rescind any and all orders that infringe on these rights. We will allow no less. You have no authority to have put these orders in place and they shall be removed immediately.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration, and all other federal departments have no authority in our sovereign state. We will not allow their influence or recommendations to lead to the suspension or destruction of our rights. 

Governor Little, you took an oath to uphold the Idaho Constitution and United States Constitution against all enemies. The enemy now is those who seek to use fear to destroy unalienable rights. Idaho does not and will not stand for this, under any circumstances. We demand you rescind all restrictions on our rights immediately. 


Sarah Clendenon, Co-Executive Director
Miste Gardner-Karlfeldt, Co-Executive Director

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Health Freedom Foundation, Inc 

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