Masking Our School Children

Masking Our School Children

Today Central District Health (which encompasses Ada, Boise, Valley, and Elmore counties) voted 6-1 to force masks on all school children in Ada county. In addition to the fact that they have no authority to issue orders, CDH again violated Idaho’s open meeting laws today.

This is a board of appointees. None of them are elected by the people to fill this role. Using the virus as an excuse, they are usurping the authority delegated by the people to our school boards and county commissions.
A group of citizens who wanted to be heard by this board were treated very poorly today.

The employees of the facility, which is funded with public money, did all they could to keep the people away from the Director, who was the only person physically in the building at the time of the meeting. The rest of them meet virtually, so as to avoid the public.

There is no accountability.

These people are meeting in private, making decisions about medical devices for our children, with no way for the people to remove them from this post, or even speak to them directly.
This is NOT the Republic form of government we are guaranteed in the Idaho and US Constitution. This is an outrageous overreach by an out-of-control bureaucratic board that has zero authority to force its edicts upon the people. We will not stand for it.

Please listen to the meeting recording for yourself here: 

Please read this piece detailing some of the reason CDH should not be issuing mandates:

Please reach out to each member of the CDH Board.

They need to hear loudly from the people. We must stop this tyrannical and outrageous power grab by people who have zero ability to stop abusing power they don’t even have. It was never delegated to them by the people.

The one no vote (and she has voted no several weeks in a row) was Representative Megan Blanksma. Please thank her for being the one and only voice of the people and of freedom.

Comments to the entire board: [email protected]

CDH Director Russell Duke
(208) 327-8501

Ryan Stirm
Boise County Commissioner
Representing Boise County
[email protected]
(208) 781-1635

Ted Epperly
Representing Ada County
2180 Ribier Drive
Meridian, ID 83642-5130
(208) 846-8222

Diana Lachiondo
Ada County Commissioner
Representing Ada County
PO Box 454
Boise, ID 83701
[email protected]
[email protected]

Jane Young
Representing Ada County
1075 N Curtis Road
Suite 100
Boise, ID 83706-1300
(208) 377-5166
[email protected]

Betty Ann Nettleton
Representing Elmore County
18542 SE Wilson Road
Glenns Ferry, ID 83623
(208) 366-7364

Megan Blanksma
State Representative
Representing Elmore County
[email protected]
(208) 332-1054

Elting Hasbrouck
Valley County Commissioner
Representing Valley County
50 Hasbrouck Lane
Cascade, ID 83611-5306
[email protected]
(208) 382-4681
(208) 870-5719

Concerned father and son using air protection masks

Concerns about Masking Our Children

Even though there hasn’t been a SINGLE DOCUMENTED CASE of a child passing the virus to a teacher in the world and only a few documented cases of child to parent transmission our public schooled children will be forced to wear masks the entire school day.

You might be surprised to know…

Childcare centers remained open during lock-downs to support families of those workers deemed ‘essential’. There were NO OUTBREAKS among the 40,000 children between the ages of 1 and 14 at 1,100 separate sites for daycare.

“there is converging evidence that the coronavirus doesn’t transmit among children like the flu — that it’s a lower risk.”

Dr. Joshua Sharfstein at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

There are two related reasons for this, Sharfstein explains: One is that children seem to be less likely to get infected, and the second is that when they are infected they are much more likely to be mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic. If they’re not coughing or sneezing, it’s harder for them to spread the virus to others. The New Yorker reported that Iceland, which did extensive contact tracing, found only two examples of child-to-parent transmission. (SOURCE)

Numbers show Children are Less Susceptible to COVID 19

 Rosalind Eggo, an assistant professor of mathematical modeling from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and her colleagues have tried to answer the question “Are kids less likely to get COVID?”.

“What we found was that people under 20 were about half as susceptible to infection as people over 20,” Eggo says.

So kids and teens appear far less likely than adults to actually get infected with the virus.

“And then we also found that the probability of showing clinical symptoms … so getting ill enough that you report the infection… that rose from around 20% in 10- to 19-year-olds, up to around 70% in those over 70,” she says.

Eggo’s research was published in the journal Nature. It uses mathematical models to examine coronavirus data from six countries — China, South Korea, Italy, Japan, Singapore and Canada. The results are similar to an April study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which found that while kids under age 18 make up 22% of the U.S. population, they’ve accounted for fewer than 2% of reported cases.

Mark Woolhouse, professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, University of Edinburgh, told the PA news agency there are three main risks associated with children returning to school.

He described these as the risk to children, the risk to teachers, and the risk of transmission in the community increasing.

Speaking as an independent researcher, and not in an advisory role, he said:

“Covid-19, though a very unpleasant virus, and capable of causing illness, on occasion in any age group, in fact, is very, very very rarely a serious problem in children.

“Staff are of course adults so they are more vulnerable to infection, more vulnerable to symptomatic infection.”

But he added that how vulnerable teachers are in school depends on whether they are considered a major source of outbreaks.

“And so far, the indications from around the world are they are not,” said Prof Woolhouse.

Prof Woolhouse said he knows of no evidence that suggests school staff are at greater risk in the workplace than any other adult in the workplace. (SOURCE)

The implications of how SARS-CoV2 plays out in children are huge and were NOT taken into account when the Idaho Board of Health made their decision to mask our children.

Mental Health and the Impact of mask mandates on our children

Dr Lucy Wenham, lecturer of education at the University of Bristol, said the mask measures may prove difficult to enforce with very young children, and could also also be traumatic.

She told PA: “I don’t want to say, it’s child abuse, but it seems it’s a very, it’s a traumatic thing to put children through.”

Dr Wenham said there was no guarantee the young children would be returning to the same teacher, adding: “So, they won’t even be going back to a known teacher so I think it’s usually harrowing, and that’s a bizarre to want to do.

“Mental health has to come first. They’re not going to read or they’re not going to learn anything if they’re traumatized by being in a very unusual situation.”

That’s right! Professionals, experts, doctors are saying – our kids are not the ones driving the infection. Yes, we can send the kids back to school without fear! We need to normalize the life of our children and forcing them to breathe their own exhaust an entire school day is NOT NORMAL. Contact the Board of Health and your Legislators TODAY!

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