COVID 19 Vaccine Clinics at Idaho Schools

COVID 19 Vaccine Clinics at Idaho Schools

National Guard is set up around the state to administer vaccines to children as young as 12 at their schools. The data reflects that our children are suffering adverse reactions at a rate of 1 in 9. The Covid 19 vaccine poses a significantly greater risk to our children than the sickness ever did. Unfortunately, this information is not disclosed to parents. Vaccination Clinics have been a part of many back-to-school vaccine efforts for years, even in Idaho. With the recent rollback of the age restriction for the COVID 19 vaccine, middle schools have become the target for vaccine clinics for our children ages 12 and up.

These COVID 19 clinics are being administered by the National Guard and school superintendents are the ones requesting the mobile vaccination unit visit your school.

It is the responsibility of each parent to determine whether or not their child should receive the COVID 19 vaccine that is still hasn’t been FDA approved, carries with it unknown risks, and no liability for the manufacturer and the administers. It is up to parents to decide the risks versus any benefit the vaccine might offer.
HFI suggests the following to help you preserve your parental rights and your medical authority when/if your school hosts a vaccine clinic.

Make sure you are aware of the day the vaccine clinics will be hosted at your child’s school. A simple phone call to the school office should let you know if you missed an announcement of a vaccine clinic.
Discuss with your child your position on the vaccines. Make sure you make them aware if you are choosing not to have vaccines administered at the school.
Discuss with the administration and your child’s teacher your position on the vaccine. It’s important that those who are responsible for your child when s/he is out of your care are aware of your position on vaccines so that there can be no confusion.
**There have been rare incidents around the country of children who were vaccinated against their parent’s wishes at school vaccine clinics. Vaccine clinics hosted in Idaho have stated that children under 18 must have parental authorization.
Statue 39-3801 could allow Idaho children as young as 14 to consent to medical treatment and that could include vaccines.

Consider pulling your child from school if you are concerned about an accidental injection. Many parents choose to keep their children home for the day/hours that vaccine clinics are hosted to avoid any confusion and possible mistakes. Some students feel more secure knowing there will be less peer pressure about the choice to avoid school-administered vaccines.

Where there is risk there must be choice. Did you know that recent data reflects that the vaccine is more harmful to our children than the sickness?

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