NO H707 Health Dept To Make Medical Decision WITHOUT Parental Consent

NO H707 Health Dept To Make Medical Decision WITHOUT Parental Consent

UPDATE! H 707 bill died in committee, it wasn’t heard or voted upon. A bill number was printed and it was ‘laid to rest’ in the Chairman’s drawer. Some suspect that it was brought forth to see if the public was paying attention. We were and they know it!

NO on H 707. Not only does Idaho have bad language allowing Sheriff “emergency child removal” without a court order which we’ve already seen abused. But now there is a bill which would allow the health department to make medical decisions for children, without parental consent or a court order. Please contact the House Health and Welfare Committee and let them know this is not acceptable to Idaho parents!

HB707 Is a BAD bill that, if passed, will remove parental medical decision making authority and turn it over to the Dept of Health and Welfare.

This bill amends statutes 16-1602, 16-1609, and 16-1629.

16-1602 Removes medical, dental, psychiatric, etc decision making from the person that has legal custody.

16-1609 Provides the H&W Dept the right to authorize evaluation and treatment of children taken into shelter care.
“…the department shall attempt to
obtain parental consent by one (1) parent.”
If the parent denies consent or is unable to be contacted, the department shall have the right to authorize treatment.”

This is unacceptable!

16-1629 If the Dept is given custody of the child then the Dept has the right to authorize all kinds of medical treatments for you child including surgery.
“…and to authorize surgery if the surgery is deemed by two (2) physicians licensed to practice in this state to be necessary for the child.”

It sounds like they will use the declaration of imminent danger to take kids into custody and get them medical care when they are removed from the home. This does away with the currently required court order.

Remember baby Elijah? He was taken on his first day of life and put into shelter care in CDA last year. The baby was taken wrongfully and the judge gave the baby back to mom and dad. If this bill were law at that time the Dept would have had the authority to vaccinate their baby without parental consent.

66% of Idaho children taken by the state and placed in foster care were RETURNED to their parents. Wow! The state held physical custody of 770 children for length of time (talk about nightmare) but parents NEVER lost legal custody. These 770 children were returned home, because a judge felt that the parent posed no threat to the child’s health or welfare. The State Health and Welfare department should NEVER have the authority to treat a child outside parent’s consent.

Take a listen to this hearing on the March 15th…/20…/standingcommittees/HWAY/

HOUSE Health and Welfare – Daily, am, Room EW20
Chair- Fred Wood – (208) 332-1074
Vice Chair – Kelley Packer – (208) 332-1045
Christy Perry – (208) 332-1044
John Vander Woude – (208) 332-1037
Eric Redman – (208) 332-1070
Megan Blanksma – (208) 332-1054
Karey Hanks – (208) 332-1056
Mike Kingsley (208) 332-1133
Jarom Wagoner (208) 332-1052
Brian Zollinger – (208) 332-1073
Sue Chew (208) 332-1049
Ilana Rubel (208) 332-1034

Email Blasts to Health & Welfare NO on H707

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