I recently saw a sign hanging from an overpass that said, “We can’t comply ourselves out of tyranny.” Sadly, in an effort to keep from rocking the boat, many of us toe the line even when we know it’s a violation of our constitutional rights. It is a pervasive idea among the American (and global) population that “simple” compliance with authority will yield the best results. People think that if they follow mandates issued by the government, eventually, their lives will return to normal. This may be true in some regard, but you cannot comply your way out of tyranny– and that compliance will only give greater power to those in control.

Even if your life returns to what it was before the pandemic (which there is little evidence to show that will happen, even after more than two years of compliance), the thick stench of tyranny does not wash away. Your life may eventually return to “normal,” but not because of a voluntary community effort, but because those you’ve given the power to allow it to return to normal. There’s a chance you may get the results you seek through compliance, but the tyranny remains.

Non Compliance with our Churches

This past Friday, Sean Feucht  of Let Us Worship spoke to a group of thousands of Idahoan Christians about the fact that local churches shuttered their doors out of fear. He challenged our church leaders to stand up and, next time, take the lead to honor God above the government.

Think of what life would be like now had more churches, businesses, and individuals stood up to the tyranny. We The People, are the authority; we don’t have to submit to tyranny. Many churches deferred to the “authorities” because of Romans 13, but they fail to understand that our government at its essence, is vastly different from the Roman empire in that WE are the authority. The 501c3 entanglement further compromises the institutionalized church.

Victory for Mike McClure, Non-Compliant Pastor in California

Two Years Ago, Pastor Mike McClure, from Calvary Chapel San Jose remained open in defiance of orders from San Jose. He faced $1,200,000 in mounting fines. He won’t budge. Most “pastors” and Churches have turned their back on him. Still, he did not comply and accepted no deals. He risked it all. The California Court of Appeal finds “public health” orders forcing church closure are UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Read more about the case:

Non Compliance at the Workplace

Our inalienable rights have been trampled over the past two years. It didn’t start then; however, it came to a head in March 2020 when the Governor announced that this pandemic wouldn’t be over nor would normally return until people were vaccinated. Keep in Mind this was before the development of the vaccine started! *Governors across the United States were given the same script.

As an organization, we challenge citizens to challenge our elected officials and unelected leaders to stand up and honor the Constitution. I am proud to say that many who knew better threw off the chains of apathy and took a stand against unconstitutional mandates.

Many individuals did so to the point of losing their livelihoods. Our website and social media channels experienced EXTREME censorship. But, we continued to press on. We protested at the Capitol, at the Central Health District (while snipers pointed weapons at women and children). We stood with nurses, doctors, and hospital employees who knew better than the average citizen how to read the science and challenged the lack of scientific data backing the mandates.

Sentenced to 5 days jail for protesting on a public sidewalk in the middle of the day for 12 minutes

Non Compliance with Boise’s Mandates

Mask mandates were among the most controversial issues in Idaho in 2020, but that chapter of state history has come to an end with Boise Mayor Lauren McLean eliminating the city’s mask mandate and gathering limit on May 14, 2021.

Boise was among the last of the local governments in Idaho – a total of nine counties and 10 cities – with a mask mandate in place. In Boise, disobeying the mask mandate in any public area, including parks and trails, was considered a misdemeanor crime, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and up to six months in jail.

Susan was ordered jail time for protesting this mandate.

They have set the precedents to close us down and lock us up when we don’t comply with the tyrannical mandates and restrictions.

What have we learned?

What have we taught our children?

What needs to change?

Are you willing to make the sacrifice to keep your children and grandchildren from living under tyranny?

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