CPS Loses Special Needs Teen

CPS Loses Special Needs Teen

Thea’s son Daniel was taken by CPS from his father, who lives in Idaho. Thea lives in Arizona and had no charges against her YET her son was kidnapped by Idaho CPS.

The state delayed the hearing, which should have reunited mother and son. Consequently, Daniel was placed into foster care. As if these events weren’t outrageous enough, the foster parents and the school πŸ—£ LOST DANIEL!

Daniel, has autism which gives him an IEP for his special needs at school. The state, including CPS, case workers, foster parents, and the school, should be well aware of Daniel’s needs. At home, with his mother, Daniel has a guide who stays with him all day to make sure he gets to where he needs to go. Now, in foster care, he is lost in the bus system, lost and confused, not knowing where to go. Brown Bus Co called Thea at 4:44 pm, who desperately wants her son back and has never had this problem, to let her know they had her son and he was lost. Thea reached out to the police for help. The same police who took her son returned Daniel to the foster parents, who already seemed to be neglecting him.

πŸ™‡β€β™€Can you imagine if you lost your special needs child and they were found on a bus hours after school got out? CPS would definitely take your child and call it neglect. If a foster parent loses a special needs child, it’s swept under the rug, shrugged off, and the police return the child to the negligent foster parents. Sick! 😑

Thea was able to hire a private attorney due to your support. She is desperate to get her son back as she has been cut off from visitations, most like in retaliation for her speaking out against the corrupt CPS who has stolen her son. Please help her raise funds needed for her attorney and stay in Idaho. πŸ’

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