Protecting Your Family from Wireless Radiation -EMFs

Protecting Your Family from Wireless Radiation -EMFs

September 2019, 5G went live in Boise, Idaho. Verison Wireless went around the public concern about health and installed emitters without public input. Families living in and around the city have expressed concerns about the impact of this untested technology on their families. EMFs effects are scientifically documented by independent labs worldwide. Wireless technology is engrained in our culture. In this modern age, it’s not unusual to see a 2-year-old operate a tablet with finesse.  Kids are asking for smartphones at younger and younger ages. But are they safe? What can we do to protect our most vulnerable? 

EMF Safety Research

The truth is, there is plenty of unbiased research on the health effects of EMFs.  You can find over 4,000 studies alone at  Additional studies can be found at the World Health Organization and the I.A.R.C. (International Agency for Cancer). Both the WHO and the I.A.R.C. have classified wireless radiation as a Group 2B carcinogen, indicating that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields are possible human carcinogens.  For reference, this category also includes glyphosate, lead, gasoline, and engine exhaust. 

EMF Exposure

We are literally swimming in EMF soup daily thanks to the demand for “smart” everything. Besides cell phones and tablets we are getting exposed via modems, routers and router extenders, smart TVs, gaming devices, baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, and even robotic vacuums.  Not to mention cell towers and smart meters.  

Studies have shown that anything over 30 microWatts per square meter (mWm²) has the potential to cause DNA damage. Anything over 1 milligauss on a Gauss meter is causing dirty electricity.  According to the science, safe levels for adult exposure to EMFs are a maximum of 30 mW/m2 and safe levels for a child are much lower at a maximum of 10 mW/m2.  Safe levels for children are much lower because their blood-brain barrier is still forming so they absorb twice the amount of EMFs than adults do.  

Unfortunately, the devices listed above often show readings well over 2,000 mW/m2.  Now we need to ask ourselves…What are these frequencies doing to the body?

Possible Health Effects

Common health effects associated with EMF exposure include fatigue, sleep disturbances, concentration difficulties, depression, anxiety, headaches, immune system imbalances, cell damage (DNA and free radical damage), and evidence for Alzheimers and cancer risk. 

Even scarier is that our future generations are at risk.  A woman’s eggs have 10 times the DNA damage compared to any other DNA in the body.  Our future grandchildren are in our wombs with our baby girls, making it even more important to be safe with wireless technology.  (Source: Dr. Berrie Trower, Physicist, UK Royal Navy)

Simple Tips on Minimizing Exposure

Before we discuss EMF protection, let’s talk about some of the simple ways you can be a smarter tech user: 

  1. Never hold the cell phone against your head.  Use a speakerphone or a wired headset to talk. Avoid wireless earbuds. 
  2. Use airplane mode as much as possible, especially if children are handling your device. 
  3. Avoid keeping your cell phone in your pocket or bra.
  4. Never let children play with a smartphone or tablet on their lap.
  5. Never sleep with a cell phone or tablet next to your bed.  

EMF Protection

What do you do if you can’t live without your device? What if your child uses a tablet at school? And what about those who are electrically sensitive that need to be able to survive in an increasingly wireless world?  That’s when personal and device protection comes in very handy.  

Thankfully there are more and more options available to help us in the marketplace. How do we know what actually works? One great option is to use earth-based solutions to harmonize yourself and your wireless devices. 

Products from EMF Harmony are tested extensively with live blood microscopy testing, mold testing, Acugraph testing, Avatar testing, Muscle testing/Applied kinesiology, and client testimonials to determine effectiveness. They are not designed to block EMFs, but rather harmonize them by using proprietary materials that filter the EMF and show a favorable body response when exposed to WiFi, A/C, powerlines, automobile EMFs, electrical appliances, cell phones, cell towers, and computers and laptops.   

Clients report back better sleep, less brain fog, fewer headaches, and a sense of calm. 

Thank you for EMF Harmony for authoring this post. If you have questions about EMF protection, contact Ryan directly at

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